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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nothing but good times ahead...

I will give credit where credit is due and state up front that my title comes from my favorite women's fiction writer, Jennifer Crusie. She basically rocks. I have been rereading her books and the one that comes from is Welcome to Temptation. It's also in Faking It, my first and favorite Crusie!

Anyway, after my seriously depressing post yesterday (can you see why I have not been posting daily, can you imagine the drudgery?) I decided that I felt better and was going to go back to my non-complaining-type posts. Booyah.

First of all, the Spanish 100 conundrum went bye-bye. I will be taking it next month so my kidlets and I will be going back to school together.


And secondly, while yesterday was a wash... Today I arrived an HOUR early for Hulk's doctor appointment and dinner is already cooking.


I get to go on another vacation next week and it turns out it will probably only be me and two kiddos, Cap & Batman. Hulk will be staying behind because he has school (and I have been touting up the whole "weekend with Dad" glamour that that will be, let me tell ya!) and Princess is going to do some work and make some much needed cashola for when she goes back to Utah for school.


I am kind of excited for the next couple of weeks. Go Me.

Then it will be my birthday and the kids will be back in school and Cap will be starting seminary (hello 6 AM, how ya been?) and I will be back in school and the weather will be... probably getting hotter until the end of October. Haha! That's how it usually goes here in the high desert. But in Acton it's not so bad. Generally it's 10 degrees cooler here than in Palmdale where we used to live.


Also, since no diet is working ... I am not dieting.


That actually doesn't mean I'm eating whatever I want it's just that I'm not Not eating anything. I just watch what I'm eating and drinking lots of water. Hello fruit, I've missed you.

Yep, you guessed it:


Today I feel I have much to be thankful for. I got up and out the door so fast we were an hour early! I have been reading like crazy and enjoying every second. I can return the textbook I got and reorder the correct one and start fresh next month. Things are falling into place and I'm making a place for all the things.

It's a good day in my book.


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