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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diet Schmiett!

So I posted about my troubles with the Dukan diet on my Facebook status and realized (from the comments) that my “dieting” philosophy was totally unclear. So here I am.
I do not believe in “diets” per se. I believe in creating or recreating healthy habits. This includes diet, i.e.; what you eat, and exercise (which should always be included in a healthy lifestyle since we have become a computer/cellphone/television culture).

I have always been unhappy with my body because I’m normal. Media wants me to be unhappy so ever since Twiggy became popular (and Farrah, and Cheryl, and Heidi, and …you get the picture) the idea of being “stick thin” has been the yearning for many women. Lame. It’s not even healthy! And men prefer curves, some curves anyway. So it’s all about women judging each other. Judging has to be an entirely different blog.

So I decided that I was going to choose to be happy with my body. No diet worked for me (and I have tried them all at some point). Pretty sure I gave away all my “skinny clothes” that I had been saving for 10+ years (okay, more but since I’m only 25 I’m not giving the real number!), well I think I did because I cannot find them now. Now that I am skinny, okay well skinnier.

The last “diet” I actually tried was Weight Watchers. I calculated my points. I bought a little calculator that helped me figure out my points consumption and kept track of my daily points use. In three months I lost five pounds. Maybe. I was not happy.

Then my BFF (PLLAATSABIDSA—we now know what the “SA” is for!) found this program called The Metabolism Miracle. The premise is that many of us have tweaked metabolisms. Either because of our eating habits and/or genetics, but as a result our bodies do not metabolize carbohydrates correctly. Her program was designed to FIX that problem. She has an online test to see if you fall into what she calls Metabolism B. I took the test. I probably scored the highest anyone can! My suspicions were confirmed. I can’t lose weight on a “normal” or “regular” diet. Diets do not work for me. Counting calories won’t work. I have to eat certain foods in certain quantities and/or at certain times of the day in order to metabolize correctly. I KNEW IT!

I started The Metabolism Miracle in September 2009 and by November I had dropped 30+ pounds. I got to eat cheese, and peanuts, and whipped cream! The only thing I missed was bread, but my incredible BFF figured out how to make a low-carb pseudo bread that satisfied. I continued to follow the plan but only dropped another five pounds but shrank about two pants sizes. Can you say WOW! I was thrilled. But nothing I did would budge me another 15 to 20 lbs that I still wanted to lose. Well, I say nothing but I still was not exercising which I know is my downfall.

I started a weight training program and continued to shrink but still no more weight loss. That was okay. It was the shrinking I was more interested in, but then that stopped to because I stopped exercising regularly and have had a really hard time getting back into it.

Then we heard about the Dukan Diet.