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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This and That...

I haven't been here for a bit. We went on vacation, which if you have children you might realize that isn't much of a vacay for Mom. Anyway, for the second time after a Lake Powell trip I ended up at the doctor's with kids due to Lake events. At least this time it wasn't Hulk but Princess & Batman. Princess had a severe allergy attack (ragweed?) & Batman got an ear infection. Fun.

We got home late Monday. Yesterday poor Hulk got a temp cap on his root canal. We go back in a couple of weeks for the "real" crown. He did okay. At least this dentist lets him stay... That's a long story.

This morning I kind of zonked out and am still struggling to get my bearings. I think Hulk has another doctor appt tomorrow. He has a busy life. He starts school Monday. The rest of the brood doesn't start until after Labor Day.

Batman started football which means practice every day. Practices are at the park which I am very glad about since he can walk to and from practice if need be. One less thing I have to haul everyone around for.

Cap stayed at Grandma's house. I miss him. He spent a week at Lake Powell with the church group, then a week with us. He'll be at Grandma's until next weekend when we go to our family reunion. Princess will go back to SLC for school later this month. (Yay, finally she got accepted to LDSBC so both girls will be back in college this semester!)

I am, however, seriously freaking out over my class. For a variety of reasons, some related to funding, I added Spanish 100 to my schedule. Before leaving on vacation I purchased a hard copy of the text to be sure it would be here when we returned and I would be ready for class. Well, apparently they only use the E-book version (with special online features and access codes) which I cannot afford at this time. So I'm in a conundrum.

This is a bit of a random/personal post but I've been thinking about my birthday coming up in a few weeks and how I've done on my blog. I have not posted every day like I wanted to, for various reasons. I'm okay with that "failure" but hoping I am more consistent and figure out what I want to do with this and where I think I'm going with it. Right now it's just something that kind of looms over me like another burden. Since it's one I wanted and felt was important I want to clarify my goals and figure out what my next move will be.

In a few weeks I will be an even number again. I am nearing the end of another decade and am still not completely satisfied with where I am in my life. I have still not finished my schooling. I have not finished writing any one book in particular, I am not blogging consistently (still) and most other areas of my life are still hanging like a silken spider's web that's been broken. I want to close the loops.

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