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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Always Blogging

I keep thinking “I blogged that,” but really it’s all in my head. No. Really. I blog in my head and it fails to show up on my blog… what’s up with that? LOL
Always so many things on my mind.

We moved. Long story, don’t want to talk about it but we are now in a tiny (for us) house in “downtown” Acton (which isn’t saying too much because we have no stoplights in this town and a possible total population of 4,000) about two blocks from the park, which I admit is nice. The yard is beautiful, lots of foliage, greenery & the gardener is part of our rent! Also, there is a blocked portion that someone created for a vegetable garden. We are still growing tomatoes and zucchini! Oh, and fruit trees!

I am still organizing. My downstairs, including the KITCHEN is good to go, except we apparently have too many DVDs. Not that that’s a big surprise. Our DVD shelf died during the move (totally fell apart! BOO!) so I found another one at the local thrift store (for a town of 4,000 we actually have two thrift stores!) that I like more than the old one but it’s not quite big enough so the DVDs and CDs are still all over the place.

We don’t have TV. Our landlord does not want us to do DirecTV and we are not thrilled with Time Warner Cable company so we have decided not to “get” TV (and no, no antenna will pick anything up out here… we are lucky to have cell phone service!) but are looking at This Totally AwesomeBlu-ray Player that has Google TV! Complete with Google Chrome browser! But it’s on the backburner until the funding comes through for it… which may or may not be until Christmas. (Boo.)
So I’m missing my shows.

I have been able to watch my CSIs (because I watch ALL the CSIs) and other CBS shows (like The Big Bang Theory) on my laptop, but the other networks (like AMCs the Walking Dead) aren’t working as well. It’s called “buffering” BEH! Anyway, going to work on that this weekend.

In other news… I started writing again. This time I just started from scratch on a story about my mother… It’s more intense than my usual “romances” and really more of a “Women’s Fiction” than a romance. It was in my head so I started it.

I am noticing a “week on,” “week off,” trend with my depression. I was able to change my meds back to capsules (instead of the tablet) and I am glad for that. The tablets weren’t, um, digesting. And don’t ask me how I know that… The weather doesn’t help because the more cloudy/gloomy it is the harder time I have getting it together. I am still managing to get my kids to school (not so much early morning seminary, beh!) and I’m making meals and doing laundry. But the rest of the “organizing” is kind of on hold. I did get our closet tidied (meaning clothes hung up) but there is a lot to do and most of it is my stuff. My sewing & books & knitting & scrapbook stuff, etc. I have already pared down and organized it; I just need to find places.

We also downsized from four couches to one. I saved my two tables, one an antique from my father’s family dating back at least three generations (for a poor California/Canadian family, that’s a thing) and the matching sideboard, with stratagem. We are down from five bookshelves to three (only two of which are actually holding “books”). That’s a thing considering I am a “book person.”

School is going. August, September; October’s classes were Teacher Education and I have decided I do not like those classes. It has more to do with the assignment process than it does the content, however. I am hoping my future professors are more organized (like my English Professors are!) but not sure how that will pan out. The assignment process seriously confused me. It was like having three classes at once. Not fun. Also in September I somehow ended up with two classes. The schedule is supposed to be one per month but the first Teacher Education (TED) class is eight weeks and either my advisor did not know that or did not care so I ended up with a Lit class on top of the *very confusing* TED class. Oh, and that was the month we moved, as well as taking our oldest child to college (and all that That implies!) and our children at home started school. Yeah. Busy month. Not good. I was not happy with the outcome of that. Boo.

This month (which is already considered my November class) is 20th Century World Literature and I’m already enjoying it immensely. I am actually EXCITED about the research (or comparative) essay I will have to write for it! I know now that I was made to do research an analysis. That is why my December class (which begins the week of Thanksgiving) is going to be AWESOME! It is Literary Critique. Yahoo! (I realize this makes me a nerd, but I don’t care!)

My children are happy. My husband is busy. I am thriving (may not be happy about it, but am successful nonetheless) so I would call the last few months a success even if I kicked against it as hard as I could. I am hoping for a steadier blogging season as I am constantly blogging in my head and some of it is rather good. LOL