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Thursday, April 22, 2010

News Stew

All the news you need to know, and with my slant! What could be better? Welcome to my newest idea. My take on the news. Enjoy.

So I had to sigh in relief that I DID NOT renew my McAfee protection after all. Yesterday they “accidentally” provided an update that caused computers to “endlessly reboot.” Yikes! Can you imagine the frustration? Sure they provided a fix but how do you keep your computer UP long enough to download it? Glad I let that one go!

And in more technology news… Google is allowing US to see how often the Government checks up on us. Hmm. It’s kind of interesting information but seriously VAGUE. Thanks Google for making technology easy. ???

Speaking of the internet… Now we know why the market crashed. The financial “watchdogs” were “busy.” Doing what? Why watching PORN on Government computers, of course. Isn’t that what you do at work? Isn’t that lovely. Makes you want to work for the Government, doesn’t it.

And if you haven’t heard about the mom that tried to “return” her adopted son, you have now. Yep. She adopted a boy from Russia and less than a year later put him on a return flight. By himself. Just when I thought I was the worst mother in the world something like this hits the news and I’m relieved of guilt.

I get her frustration, the boy threatened to burn down the family home but she could have made a different choice on how to handle it. Now we are dealing with the backlash that could leave many orphans without willing parents that won’t send them back.

Skipping all Tiger Woods commentary (that’s an entire blog on it’s own!) I’ll just ask if you’ve seen this video? If not, you should… is he a baseball player or a gymnast? Cool!

Just when you think mankind is doomed by selfishness, you see a story like this that warms your heart.

And last, but not least (well, not for me anyway). For those of us who know her as the vapid and self-absorbed Kelly Kapoor on “The Office” can congratulate Mindy Kaling on her first book! Woo Hoo! I am always proud of new authors. In case you didn’t know she does write for the show. I follow her on Twitter and you can too!

That’s all for today folks. You can go about your business now.