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Friday, March 2, 2012

I Watch All The CSIs (So What?)

I remember the first episode of CSI (Las Vegas) that I ever watched. My husband turned it on and I came in late. I don’t know where I was that he was watching TV but he had to explain to me what was going on. NickStokes was new and Gil Grissom was training him.  They were investigating the disappearance ofa woman and her husband was the person of interest. I was fascinated with how they could find blood by spraying something and shining a light. Nick and Gil discovered more blood under the carpet and flooring and the man was arrested for murder of his two wives.

After that I was addicted. I thought ER had become boring (George Clooney left, what was the point?) and so my substitute became CSI.  

I remember when CSI: Miami started because I was not interested. I was not a Caruso fan because of his hoity-toity behavior with NYPD Blue (which, interestingly enough Kim Delaney moved to after leaving CSI: Miami!)  and just didn’t want to see him in another police role. I was excited about “Jenny” being on the show but it wasn’t enough.

I actually started watching CSI: Miami about five years ago because our XXYY group created a bit of a hullabaloo over an episode about a boy with an extra Y chromosome, and they called it “the aggressive gene,” which was nonsense, of course. I watched it to see what all the fuss was about and loved it! My favorite character is Calleigh but she’s been a bit of a drag the last couple of seasons (she was pregnant in real life and they gave her a lot of time off and less active storylines).

CSI: New York was never on my agenda. I was already watching CSI and CSI: Miami and I thought that was plenty (I also like the Law & Order series—that was really my addiction for a while) but my daughter’s friend got a part as an extra (she also did How I Met Your Mother!) and so we started watching it to get an idea of what the show was like. That was an easy addition to my already fueled addiction to the other two CSIs (and I was desperately in need of more CSIs to watch (right!) because I had already watched all the shows I had ever missed of both.

It cracked me up in the movie The Town when Ben Affleck said, “I watch all the CSIs,” as an explanation for his knowledge of police behavior and protocol for bank robberies.

Because, yeah. I watch all the CSIs.