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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's A Pink, Pink World

Today is the last day of “Pink Month.”

I know, some of you are thinking, “Wait? Isn’t that October? Breast Cancer Awareness month?”

Yes. Yes it is.

But September is the month of my birth and therefore in My world it is Pink Month. I wear Pink every single stinking day of September. Yes. Yes, I do.

And today was the last day.

I am ready for it to be over. Haha.

Why Pink? Because pink is my favorite color. Why is pink my favorite color? I have no idea.

It might have started as the Anti-boy color since I was the only girl in the middle of five brothers. Literally, in the middle, I’m number three! The more pink I had the more they were repelled.

And I was (and am) a girly-girl. But I wasn’t in every way because I liked to play outside, ride my bike and run crazy like most kids. I also liked to play dress-up and play with dolls and Barbies. Of course I did!

So Pink Month is the celebration of ME!

The only thing missing was my trip to Disneyland; my Mecca. I miss it. I got a year pass the year they did the “Get In Free On Your Birthday” and that was one of my favoritest birthday’s ever. I went to Disneyland By. Myself. And spent money On. Myself.  I also enjoyed a delicious waffle cone while watching the fireworks.


My birthday gift this year was a night of camping.

And maybe this blog. 


  1. I celebrate you. I wore pink in your honor several times this month. I don't own much pink because I am not much of a girly girl. I am thankful for your inspiration and challenges even if they aren't directed at me exactly. I'm enjoying my acostic gratitude posts... thank you my friend.

    PS I still don't understand how I can only comment from my phone. It is just odd.

  2. Thanks! and I have No Idea! LOL


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