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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have recently, as in the last few years, discovered the joy of accessorizing. I fell in love with shoes first, then moved on to bags, handbags, backpacks, totes, etc. I am now a connoisseur of a variety of accessorizing and trying to get into the scarves thing but haven’t quite grasped it yet. That new look is so awesome but I’m just too hot to do it (and you can interpret that any way you like).

My favorite accessory has to be shoes. No matter what size I am my feet have stayed the same. If I was smart I would have kept those cute shoes and sandals I paid good money for in the 80’s because those funky boots and Cherokee sandals are back in style now. My shoulder-padded dresses are just too dated for my daughters to wear but I bet they’d get a kick out of my chunky, wooden-heeled leather boots I had!

I have a great collection of shoes which I try to pare down every now and again, but it’s so hard! Especially when you know, just know, it will be in style again. Unfortunately for me I don’t have my own “shoe and purse closet” so I have to make sacrifices now and then. In the last couple of years, however, I have just bought those crates and stacked them up in my closet and rotate them with the seasons. You know flip-flops for summer, flats for fall, boots for winter and sneakers for spring. It’s only logical. I have a fettish with ballet flats right now and just can’t get enough of them. I’m thinking about silver…

As far as bags go, well, I have one for every season, and then some. Since starting school again it’s been a necessity to have a backpack. I’ve been pretty good with that one as I usually just use the Breast Cancer backpack I bought at their site. It pretty much goes with anything I own because it’s in my basic colors; black and pink. If it isn’t pink, what’s the point?

My niece told me that she “allows” herself a purse budget and buys a new purse every month or so. I liked that idea and had my eye on a really nice red bag and was fortunate that I found one on sale at Target. Then I got a black bag via Mary Kay, very nice! And that one goes perfectly with my pink and black backpack. Right now I’m using the Hawaiian one I bought last year on my visit with my brother. I’m sure I’ll switch again soon, the weather is warming up.

My latest craze has been jewelry. I love earrings. I can’t leave the house without a pair of earrings on, I feel naked! I really need to keep a pair in the car for those days I leave in a hurry, i.e.; naked! I recently discovered Park Lane Jewels (thank you Leslie!) and have had the time of my life accessorizing with that stuff!!!

Hats? I don’t do hats. I look hideous in hats. Hats are my bane. Bandanna’s however I find very fun.

Really, when you’re chubby, like me, it’s good to know how to accessorize efficiently. It helps when you’re skinny too. Accessorizing can be loads of fun no matter what your size, or even species for that matter!


I have been considering adding reviews to my blog, well, just because. I have opinions and I like to share them. My favorite part about being an English major is when we get to sit around in class and bash…I mean discuss an author’s work.

I love to read and am always reading something. Sometimes it is a book for school but more often than not it’s just something I picked up. I have favorite authors and favorite genres but I don’t limit myself by that at all. I tend to read almost everything I can clap my eyes on, from cereal box backs to billboards, to the instructions that come with just about everything (those can be rather humorous if they’ve been translated from another language).

Movies and television are also something that easily amuses me. I have yet to figure out where this comes from but I have noted that most of my siblings are the same way. As a matter of fact, when the television is on it tends to lure us in like a siren song. My dad has always been notorious for walking in at the worst part, however. If a movie had a nude scene or bad language, that’s when he entered the room.

I’m not particularly high-brow either. Sorry to disappoint, but my tastes run rather broad. My most important goal in media is entertainment. If I’m not entertained then it won’t hold my interest. Um, and I’m pretty easily entertained.

I also enjoy media that is informative, instructive and profound. I love putting down a book or walking out of a movie with a “smack my forehead” experience! This is when you know you have been ignorant or sheltered and someone has hit that cord. I’m not necessarily talking about a “history lesson” as most of those are incorrect (I’ve found) but about lessons about human emotions and relations. Those are amazing to watch, when done correctly.
Picking apart why something strikes me is one of my favorite things to do, so welcome to my media autopsy.

Funny Language

The other day I had a random memory. When I was working for the Japanese bicycle tubing company a customer called regarding an accounting error. He asked about a payment and I checked the computer program because I actually remembered the transaction and figured the exact information should have been posted where it was supposed to be posted.
Silly me.
When I couldn’t find it I commented, “That’s funny.”

The next day we received a multi-paragraph rant via fax (pre e-mail days, for you internet children) from said customer about how my response was totally inappropriate. Huh?
He continued to rail on me for commenting that it was “Hilarious” that a payment had not been posted.
I meant funny-odd, Moron, not funny-haha!

Why does this simple example of semantics still bother me? Who knows. What I do know is that I still seem to come across the Semantically Stifled much too often! English is a difficult language to learn. When you incorporate the slang and idioms you really have a mess on your hands! I get so frustrated by people who don’t understand what I’m talking about because they don’t know the true meaning of the words in their own language. Now, I admit, I have been known to use words incorrectly, but not very often. Really.

I suppose part of the problem is that some of us (ahem!) sometimes use our “own lingo” then expect others to understand us. I know I like to add –ish and –age to the end of words a lot.

“Sure, I’ll be there around noon-ish.”
“That recipe is a kind of casserole-ish dinner.”
“I didn’t want to take my DMV picture with that monstrous zit-age growing on my forehead.”

That sort of thing.
Sometimes it can really cut down on the amount of words you need to use. Or better yet, remove entire sentences from you statement. I like that ish…

Unfortunately, it is confusing. I suppose.