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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Being Beautiful

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but really do we understand the concept of Being Beautiful and how it applies to each individual (woman)? I am gearing my words toward women because it seems that women are the ones that really worry about being “Beautiful.”

I love Love LOVE this beauty statement Mary Kay put out in 2010:

Mary Kay believes that beauty is more than just the way a woman looks- it's also an expression of how she feels. From the characteristics that make her unique and unforgettable to the way she touches the lives of those around her to the products she uses to enhance her natural beauty. A Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is there to guide every woman in her desire to find ways to express her own sense of beauty. Because no one understands better that all women are beautiful both inside and out. 

I no longer sell Mary Kay beauty products because my focus now lies elsewhere, but I do hope to continue the process of helping women feel beautiful. This is a lifelong pursuit for me because I believe that every woman is beautiful, at least has the potential to be so.

When you look at this statement closely you will find that Beauty is a “feeling.” It is comprised of style, esteem and presentation; i.e.; making her "unique and unforgettable." More importantly is “the way she touches the lives of those around her.” The Mary Kay business model is about serving others. I know I grew from the experience and wish I had actually gleaned more from that part of the training. The last part of a woman's beauty are “the products” used to “enhance her natural beauty.”

Honestly, putting on my makeup is one of the best parts of my day because I get to play with color. My face becomes my pallet and my otherwise artistic failings thrive when I apply brush to cheek and eyelid.

I'm weird, I know. But it's the part of being a girl that I LOVE!

Because, I believe I am beautiful. I know my husband agrees because he was the only one of the guys I dated that called me Beautiful (first date even). I had been called “cute” (for puppies & babies) and “pretty” (for frilly dresses), but to be called Beautiful was a statement of character.

Yeah. I fell for it. Hard.

So if you do not feel beautiful then talk to me. I can help you to see yourself for the way God sees you. Maybe it's my gift? I don't know, I just know that all women are and/or can be Beautiful.

It's what makes us special. 

(And if you are a guy reading this... well, you can be beautiful too but I call it "handsome." LOL)