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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Family Sundae

For those of you not on my Christmas card list this essay was included ...along with the cutest pic of our family I ever did see!

Recently it occurred to me that my family is much like an ice cream sundae, complete with all the toppings. Each item alone is wonderful enough, but together? Wow! What a combination of flavors, textures, colors and aromas! It wasn’t that difficult for me to identify each family member and which role of the sundae they would be and how they complement each other. Combined we create the most delectable treat for anyone!

For starters I see my dear husband as the vanilla ice cream. He is the steady, firm base from which all the flavors originally derive. By adding a variant of other items, like chocolate chips, or ribbons of caramel, he can be fashioned into an entirely new flavor. He is also enhanced by different processes of the same flavor; vanilla. French vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Vanilla Bean are all just different ways to say, “Vanilla.” This makes him the most versatile yet the one most likely to have to change to accommodate all the other flavors surrounding him.

Our oldest child, Kimberly, is the chocolate ice cream; another basic flavor, but also versatile. She is a favorite among many and yet for some an acquired taste. Some, it seems, chocolate is an addiction while others shy away. She can be strong and subtle. She can overpower or accent.

Obviously Emily is the strawberry ice cream. It is pink. It is sugary. It is straightforward but occasionally can give an acidic bite. She is saucy and sweet. Bright in color, sweet in flavor she can be the perfect complement to both her sister and her father.

Our oldest boy, Willem, is like the chocolate sauce. A special treat whether served hot or cold. Alone he can be a bit much but served together with the others he is the perfect accent.

Served just this way the sundae would nearly be complete.

Our Jacob is like the whip cream. Sweet, fluffy, not completely solid, he adds beauty and texture to the entire sundae. His flavor can be enhanced with vanilla and sugar. When more agitated he can become something completely different and not entirely suited for a sundae. He can melt and be more flavorful; stay firm and add sweetness and fullness to the other flavors.

Bryan is the cherry on top. Not necessarily a Maraschino cherry (since I don’t like them) but definitely a delightful, colorful and extra special treat! He is bright, well-rounded, and complements everything and everyone around him. His flavor can be distasteful to some while others crave and covet for their own.

Me? I’m nuts, of course!