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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Page from My Journal

I keep thinking that in order to blog “properly” my entries need to be several paragraphs long. I have decided that I need to get over that.

I am not a consistent radio hog. My listening interests change periodically. Of course, as a teen I listened to pop and rock. As a young adult I started listening to Country, I don’t know why, actually. Eventually it evolved to News Radio. I listened to news radio religiously. That relationship began as a nightly tune-in for the wonderful old radio programs they used to run (they don’t do that anymore). I enjoyed hearing the mysteries and cowboy programs from the “olden days.” In the morning I would listen to the traffic alerts and became quite addicted to the ever evolving news. I remember being so swept into a particular story about a missing politician (I could take that all over the place!) that I was in tears on the freeway when they finally found him.

After meeting my husband I went back to listening to country. I still vacillated between news radio and country music for several years—I admit I was a Dr. Laura fan for a long time (until she was rude to me). Lately I have been listening to my kid’s music which is a combination of pop/hip-hop/rap and even country… My friend affectionately calls it CRAP.

Until recently.

I’ve started that private affair with news radio again. As soon as my kids get out of the car I tune it into the AM station that carries constant news, KNX, my favorite source for up to the minute news! I have to turn it up because I can’t hear very well and I don’t want to miss a word! If I hear of a motorcycle accident anywhere between Palmdale and Pacoima I’m on the phone with the husband to make sure he’s still alive and we won’t have any expensive repairs on the Harley! If I hear a funny or interesting story I’m on the phone with my Dad to share it with him (another news junkie, but more of “The Weather Channel” variety). I love the news and am figuring this relationship will always be a part of who I am.

So in addition to the news they occasionally have little blurbs from Charles Osgood, Katie Couric and others who express their opinions, Op-Ed pieces I think you “real” writers might call them. Katie Couric does this thing she calls “A Page from My Notebook” and it’s a short, maybe two paragraphs, blurb about something relevant and recent. The other day she did a commentary about Obama’s inauguration speech and his use of scripture. This made me realize that I do not have to write a full-on essay for my blog. I could keep it limited to one or two paragraphs! What a relief! So maybe you’ll see more of me because I don’t have to write so much.

Hey wait! This turned out to be several paragraphs after all. Dog-gone-it, and I was shooting for one or two!