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Monday, January 7, 2013

The First Monday

It's not going as I planned.

I was going to get up and DO all the things I wait to do when my kids finally go back to school after a break.
Then I didn't.

Not only didn't I, but I watched a lot of TV today. Nothing particularly wonderful since I wasn't able to get Downton Abbey yet. I am probably going to have to watch it on my phone. Fine.
I did watch a few old SNLs including the one with Jamie Foxx which was pretty funny. I like Jamie Foxx even though I keep thinking I don't. Then I replayed the Martin Short "Royal Ahem" skit

Good stuff.

I remembered that I had a new Once Upon a Time episode that I eventually watched and was not disappointed. Nothing else new so I started watching more of The Glades
Yeah, I needed a new show to get into... Not.

I still don't feel clear on what my goals are and as long as that feels fuzzy I probably won't be particularly productive.

Here are the things I know I want to include:
Spiritual goals: includes scripture reading and personal prayer. 
Physical goals: I covered in Friday's post.

Other things include crafts (sewing, knitting).
My Oscar Weekend. (February)
Reorganizing (okay, organizing) the hall closet. 
Attending a few RWA meetings. 

I'm  not sure what else. 
For the moment I'm enjoying the little bit of down time before another crunch. 
Tomorrow I can be productive again. Tomorrow will be good. 
Yeah. Tomorrow.

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