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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grief & Testimony

Today I am grieving. Again we have been touched by tragedy in my little corner of the world. A family friend succumbed to cancer yesterday morning and last night a friend lost her two-month old baby to what appears to be SIDS.
It's too much sometimes.
I want to cradle them all in my arms and take away the pain but I know it doesn't work like that. I want it to work like that.
My heart aches. 

Today a young man got up and talked about how a testimony takes work and sacrifice to keep. It's not something you get and then you have it forever. It takes daily work, constant nurturing with scripture reading and daily prayer. This was profound to me. I don't know that it's a new idea but it's definitely something that hit me today. Especially today.

It seems that when things are easy (wait, they get easy?) we can forget where our blessings come from and that we still have blessings. I have felt that way since last night when I heard about my friend's baby. Hearing this young man's words reaffirmed my faith that while time may not heal all things it does help ease the pain.

And throughout it all I still believe God loves me. I believe he loves us all and I can still feel it. This is my greatest blessing.

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