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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

All day I wanted to write a book review but I don't really know how to do that. Mostly I like to have conversations about books. I'm working on the reviewing thing. In the meantime I had other things on my mind.

Today was tough day.

Crackle refused to get on his bus. Yesterday he stayed home from school because he refused to get on his bus. Monday I drove him. 

I am refusing to drive him for two reasons; 
1) if I continue to drive him he will continue to refuse to get on his bus and I will be forced to make the 35 mile round-trip. And 
2) I think I’ve mentioned my issues with money and gas …

Yesterday I called the (amazing) teacher to tell her what was going on and ask what they might be able to do. We have an IEP scheduled for next week.

Today started with him refusing to get on the bus (they are not very patient, but he is not the only student on the bus either). Eventually I got him on the bus and all was well. Then I got a call (that I missed because I was driving) from the school psych telling me that Crackle was having a meltdown, throwing desks and whatnot and saying irrational things.  (Like he doesn’t want to go to that school because blue and green people go there—no he didn’t actually say “blue” and “green” but what he did say embarrasses the hell out of me.)

Like I can do something about this 17 miles away.

I did not call back right away. If this makes me a bad special-ed parent then SO-BE-IT! I needed to breathe! When I did call the moment had passed but the psych wanted to have a “conversation” with me. [eyeroll] So I spoke with the man, he seemed nice, educated; but honestly 

The conversation went something like this…

Mr. Psych Man: “We had to evacuate the room because Crackle was throwing desks and causing a safety issue for the other students.“
Me: “I understand. This has happened before at his other school.”
Mr. Psych Man: “The teacher and aides said there was no provocation. He was just sitting at his desk working on the current assignment and he just started throwing things.”
Me: “Uh huh. That’s normal.”
Mr. Psych Man: “Oh?”
Me: (I explained the earlier bus issue and the refusal to get on the day before.) “He is taking meds. He is on an anti-psychotic (for mood) and anti-seizure (for impulse control).”
Both are used for Bipolar, which is not one of Crackle’s diagnoses, btw.
Mr. Psych Man: “Huh.”
Yes, we’re all stumped. No suggestions from the psych-man but we are having the IEP next week. Did I mention that? Because he mentioned it. Several times.

So I got another call around 1:40 PM from the teacher.

Teacher: “Crackle won’t get on the bus.”
Me: “Oh dear.”
I am thinking & WTF would you like me to do about it?
Teacher (sounding frazzled): “He says he doesn’t want to ride the bus.”
Welcome To My World.
Me: “Let me talk to him, will he talk to me?” She hands him the phone.
Crackle: “Hey mom.”
Me: “Hey bud, why don’t you want to get on the bus?”
Crackle: “I don’t want to ride the bus. I’m gonna  find my own way home.”
Me (trying not to panic, this is the kid that will get into cars with strangers): “Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You need to get on the bus so you can come home.”
Crackle: “No. I’ll find my own way,”
and he apparently handed the phone back to his teacher.
Teacher: “He still won’t get on the bus.” [scuffle] “He’s running away!”
Me: “Hello?”
Teacher: “Okay, we got him. We’re getting him on the bus.”
Me: “Thank you.”
We have an IEP next week.

Poor kid isn’t getting an education because he can’t seem to maintain his mood long enough to learn stuff. The teacher mentioned that Monday was a good day and he did some work for her. Today, not so much.


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