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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Slacker & SOS Day ?/40

I am overwhelmed. I did some back blogging but as you can see I have not done anything new since waybacklastTuesday! Ugh. FAIL!

But the awesome thing about Failure is that you are not a failure unless you quit. 

I am not quitting.

Today is my 6 month bday so I am halfway done with this project. Yesterday I was supposed to start cross-posting to my new site but that's not going to be happening anytime soon. You are free to look at the empty page if you like... 
I do not have a "theme" for my blog. I am a continuous op-ed piece aka chronic brain-dumping. The subtitle of my new blogsite kind of sums me up; Because I have opinions.


So today I finish some homework (very important class). Tomorrow the new class starts. It's teaching Health in a Secondary Ed classroom. I found out I will probably not graduate in May as I thought because I still need to do my Student Teaching. I don't know because I don't really understand how it works. What I do know is that to participate in the Commencement ceremonies in May I must have all my Coursework completed by September. Since I have to do Student Teaching for 1/2 a semester (how long is that? 9 weeks?) and that cannot be started any earlier than August (at best) then I will not be done by September.


In the meantime I have this class (Methods of Teaching English), the next class (teaching Health), April and May are "free" (haha), then I "retake" Theory & Development. (The class I blew off in December. Grr.) I have until July to finish my Japanese (BYU Independent Study) which is good. All that's left is the 3 classes associated with Student Teaching.

I also have to take a bunch of online "prep tests," submit a boatload of nonsense to my online portfolio & take the CSET (English teacher test for CA). There are 4 tests and I'm taking two this weekend. Yikes. Pray for me.

So. I'm kind of busy.

On top of all that...  I've had some issues, breakthroughs and blessings come my way for Crackle. It's too soon to talk about publicly but it should be a good thing for all of us, especially him. (It's one of those heartbreak moments as a mom, however.)

So. Yeah, I'm a slacker but I am not a failure... Failure is not an option for me.

and here is a blog-blast from the past to tie you over...

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