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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beauty Top 5 & SOS 1/40

It's that time again. Season of Sanctification OR the 40-days-before-Easter-that-Kat-tries-to-be-perfect-at-everything. Note the word "tries" because obviously that is not going to happen. But then that is the point of the Atonement which is, of course, the point of Easter (no, not the chocolate or the hidden eggs or the scary big bunny garbage...) so it's all good. I don't really want to show my Track Progress but I am tracking myself. The point it is really that I have an agenda and am, again, trying to establish my routines so that I can function optimally in all areas of my life.

I'll share that soon. Maybe. 

Yeah. I'm dreaming but it's a good dream. Eventually I will make progress. Probably after all my kids are gone, but for now life is actually easier with just three kids. Not a lot easier, just easier. Where was I?

Because it's Tuesday (and I am behind on posts but will catch up...) My topic for today is Beauty and I want to share my favorite beauty tips that I am using/applying right now.

So here it is: 

1. Adding self-tanner to my facial moisturizer.

I read about adding self-tanner to my nighttime moisturizer to slowly start adding color to your face for  the spring/summer seasons. I thought this was brilliant. Since I'm not so good at moisturizing at night I have been doing it both morning and night (when I remember to do it at night). 
This picture shows the self-tanner (top), Mary Kay Day Solution (which provides spf 25) & my day moisturizer.

2. Adding self-tanner to my body lotion. 

Basically the same idea as the facial lotion only now I won't be ghost-ish when it's time to break out the swimsuit again... haha!

3. Eye cream

Mary Kay Firming Eye cream is amazing. Works on the wrinkles and dark circles. 
Love this stuff... And the right way to apply is with the ring finger.

4. It's gotta be the hair! 

I have been playing with Velcro rollers, my blow dryer, my curling iron, etc. etc. I am also kind of excited about how long my hair is getting (although I am in desperate need of a cut and color right now)!

5. Minimalist makeup.

I would love to be able to get away with wearing just lipstick like my mom did when I was growing up but apparently I am too much of a diva/Glam girl to do it. So I have come up with a lipstick/blush/mascara look that I'm good with. I have a lot of makeup "toys" to play with so every day is fun. This look is lipstick, a dark burgundy which I have also used on my cheeks & two coats of waterproof mascara. I like the waterproof because the wax to make it waterproof dries and curls your lashes at the same time.

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