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Monday, March 4, 2013

How to be a Human & SOS Day 14/40

I started another blog once. I called it "How to be a Human" because I think people either don't know how to be human or don't care so I figured if I gave some tips and taught a few lessons I could make the world a better place and, you know, bring about World Peace. Single-handedly.


So, that lasted like maybe a week or two then something happened and I lost all hope for humans and took the blog down. I never promoted it or talked about it anywhere but the thought continues in my mind that we really need someone to stand up and just teach people how to BE HUMAN!

And not just be human to other humans but to animals, plants, the environment... I am not a tree-hugger. I am not a Vegan. I am however a believer in agency, free will, choice. I advocate choice.

That being said I had a few things that hit me and made me happy this week. It put my faith back into humanity and made me feel like maybe I'm not the only one that is sad over the state of society, and humankind as a whole. 

So today I am giving you my Top 5 Make Me Happy, There Is Hope For Humans, They Do Exist, Good People Moments of the last week.

1. The Masai Tribe of Kenya.
Have you heard about this? It's been over ten years, why did I not remember this? Then again, post 9/11 was a complete foggy, depression haze that took me quite some time to recover from. I hoped this story wasn't just a legend so I looked it up and discovered that it was even made into a children's book so PARENTS CAN TEACH THEIR KIDS how to be kind or HUMAN! What a thought. 

The most beautiful part of this story is that the people came together and offered something that is vital and significant to their lives and culture. They recognized the pain and grief of such a horrendous act and DID something. 

The mom with no legs. She has more than survived, she thrives! Married with children she takes care of her family in spite of her disability and does so with a better attitude than I do most days! (I am assuming, because I know I have a bad attitude.) Her story makes me believe in true love, true optimism and makes me humble. She is currently in need... BE HUMAN! If you can help, please do (if you can't, at least send good vibes and share her story)!

No, not quite yet, but a baby was cured of HIV and this is a good sign. Scientific strides to help people overcome horrible illnesses make me happy. HUMANS using their Brains to benefit Humanity. Cool! 

FYI Cancer next you SMART HUMANS YOU!

This picture made me happy. Our family motto (I should clarify this is my family, Superman's family is way to classy for this...!) is "Better Weird Than Mean" and I agree that Weird=Awesome. Yeah, I'm all over that.
Also, this girl looks a bit like Zooey Deschanel who epitomizes the term "Adorkable;" another fun word.

5. The people in my life.
No link for that. My family, my friends, stuff that just falls into place because the time/place/circumstances are finally *right* -- good things. Posts from authors I love about the little things that make them happy. Seeing beautiful pictures of babies, and grandmas and lakeside cottages. Visiting with friends and feeling connected again. Listening to podcasts by "strangers" yet I feel like I know them. 
Our world has gotten smaller on some levels because of the internet. I can post something that is relevant halfway around the world and people there will see it, immediately. Crazy. 

I don't need an entire blog space to contribute my little ideas on how to make this world a better place, I just need to do something. Every now and then I might talk more about this idea but for now it's just here and now and what is making me happy today.


  1. Visits with friends !
    Or the title could have been, "How to be a Human... because I USE TO BE ONE!"

  2. LOL I hope I still am! ;)


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