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Monday, March 11, 2013

National Napping Day & SOS 21/40

I read it on the internet. It's National Napping Day today. I've done my job already. Felt awful this morning and stuff that's TMI and not for public publication ...
Anyway, so much on my mind lately and zero focus power.

I have been listening (almost nonstop) to Les Miserables on Pandora and can differentiate between the Original London cast, the Original Broadway cast, the Symphonic celebration & myriad other versions... as well as the movie version ...actually craved the sound of Russell Crowe as Javert. Ack.
As a result I am moved to tears on a regular basis. I don't know if that's good or bad or if I like it or not but it is what it is.

Also, school has been somewhat overwhelming. I found out today that I got a B+ in my last class so that's good news. I took the CSET on Saturday and I feel good about it. I will find out on April 8th if my "good feelings" mean anything. The class I'm taking now isn't too much pressure... finally. Then another CSET (2&4) on May 4th. One more class then hopefully I'll be all done and ready for Student Teaching in the fall. Ugh. Graduation in December? Maybe.

My diet is over. I tried giving up dairy, gluten, fat, carbs... That was not working for me. Now I'm comfort feeding and not feeling guilty. I'm not taking any meds (for depression or pain or anything) so I'm being gentle. I'm still wary of dairy but we'll see. I'll probably do the low-carb Metabolism Miracle when I'm ready to be committed again. Maybe tomorrow. Today I had chocolate cake. (Check out Back Roads Living!)

So here's to hopping back on the bandwagon with everything. With Daylight Saving time there is more sunlight to enjoy and I should enjoy it.

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