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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Lost Weekend

About every six weeks or so I get a migraine. They tend to last three days. This time it started on Friday morning and lasted until late Sunday. The weekend is pretty much a blur.

I don’t know why I get them. I have suffered from migraines since my last child was born and he will be 11 on his next birthday in March. For a long time I had them on a daily basis. I have been able to control them pretty well with Excedrin Migraine and still have to take something every day to avoid total incapacitation but these three-day doozies are unpredictable and generally untreatable. I hear they have a shot if I choose to go to the E.R. but so far I have not made that choice. I sit in a darkened room, occasionally with one of those eye masks, with ice on my neck and just try to fight it off.

They last three days, however, regardless of my efforts. I cannot predict them. I am not sure what triggers them (used to be hormones so I eliminated that problem, and now I just don’t know what it is) and the only way to get rid of them is to just endure it. Three. Days.

I know that we did some grocery shopping. I know that it was my oldest son’s birthday but other than that… I did do some homework as my latest class wrapped up and I am now onto the next one. We don’t have regular TV so no Super Bowl hype at our house this year… normally we would but without TV it’s kind of hard to watch a live game.

The biggest bummer of all, of course, was missing church. For me, anyway, that’s a big deal. I like going to church. I like being with the babies. I like checking in with my friends because I’m not generally social other times. If I don’t go to church then I don’t really know what’s going on… Not that I do anyway, but at least I can check in with people and we can assure each other of our continuing existence. Also, I miss my babies. Although, we are down to only 2-3 a week at this point, which is kind of sad, really. But the two or three sweeties we do have I miss because I love them. They uplift me.

This week is the reboot of the juice fast. I am planning on detoxing for three days each month starting the first Monday of the month. That would be today. I got cucumbers, celery and spinach as my base and then adding green apples. I might go pick up some ginger because I love the snap of it. I also need some parsley because the health benefits are astronomical! I also picked up some Green Naked Juice to supplement my own juice. It’s more of a smoothie and contains the fiber but it makes it easier to plan and stay on track. The family is getting chicken tonight.

Snap chose to have hamburgers for his Birthday dinner. Since I was out of commission the boys fixed the meal without me.  Apparently it can be done. Who knew?

My plan for this week is to increase my activity. I need to get outside and soak up some sunshine and exert some physical effort. Today the peak temperature is going to exceed the mid 60’s by around 3:00 PM so I’m thinking a little jaunt around the park might be nice. A few of my friends have mentioned that time spent daily working on their housework has improved their overall mood and free time so I’m thinking of doing something similar. Gathering the boys for about 30 minutes of housecleaning a day should help with the constant demands of dusting, vacuuming and bathroom scrubbing. I hope.

I like Mondays because it’s a fresh start. I woke up with less pain and am simply fast-forwarding from Thursday to today. Too bad I totally missed the weekend, but it is what it is and I’m willing to work with it.

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