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Thursday, January 31, 2013

True Love

A while back I said I would write a post about True Love and I thought that would be the perfect topic for today’s post. Since today is our 22nd Anniversary, it seems appropriate. 

Of course I have opinions about what True Love is, and isn’t.

First, I do not believe in “soul mates.” I do believe in Kindred Spirits, the kind that are spoken of in the “Anne” books. I do believe there are people we just “click” with and friendship is born and lasts. I have friends that I still feel emotionally close to although we hardly ever talk in person. There actually aren’t a lot of people that I am in touch with personally anymore. I can’t hear well enough to talk on the phone too much and I am kind of consumed with my life as a mother, 
wife, daughter, church member, etc… Anyway, that’s not what I’m really talking about anyway. I’m talking about Romantic Love. The kind of True Love they talk about in The Princess Bride

I do not believe True Love is ever one-sided. To be True it must be shared. The other’s feelings, hopes, dreams and concerns become more important than your own yet you are always allowed to be yourself. True Love is to love unconditionally. Not to be abused (because that would never be True Love) or to be betrayed, but to be cherished by both people. True Love is that which continues to grow after the passion has died. True Love is love that lasts beyond the baby breeding years, the hard-working-no-money years, the retirement years and even beyond our mortal years.

True Love does not mean you never fight. People who feel True Love actually do fight because they know it won’t break them.

True Love can die. Like a plant, if it is not fed it will die. How do you feed it? With kind words, thoughtful actions and constant forgiveness. Constant forgiveness.

I believe Superman and I have True Love. I did not believe in True Love until I met him. However, I also know that we have had to fight for our relationship. Fight anyone who tries to come between us, even each other.

I do not think it’s easy to find True Love, or to keep it, but I do think it takes persistence, a strong will (aka stubbornness) and diligence to keep it alive. I am not always on my game… and neither is he. I am aware that we have something special and it makes me sad that others don’t have the same. I do think everyone can find it… and surprisingly I think it will come when you are not looking. I also think that you might find it and one or the other will not endure and it can be lost.

In a year, or five, I might come back to this blog post and tell you how it died or how it has continued to thrive but for now I can tell you that my husband and I have True Love and we appreciate what we have. We appreciate each other.

Finally, whenever I think of True Love I think of this song by Don Williams.

True Love

Adam and Eve on a Saturday night
That's when the trouble started
She said Adam let's go for a bite
She led him through the garden
And ever since then we tried to make sense of this
mystery emotion
But we might as well try to count the stars in the sky
or those raindrops in the ocean

Well you know its true love
Deeper than deep
Hotter than a fire
Well itsa harder to find and its harder to keep
Its the thing we most desire

I was alone for so many nights
I really started to wonder
If I had run outa chances to find
A spell I could fall under
Then you walked in like an Elvis film
you were singing Love Me Tender
I was a hypnotized by your blue eyes
and the next thing I remember

And there is true love in a waking eye
and the sweet perfume that lingers
And itsa I love you on a new tattoo
and that diamond on her finger

Its the true love we most desire

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