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Friday, February 15, 2013

Surprisingly Yummy & Sweet V-Day... Top 5

I have very low expectations for Valentine's Day. Our wedding anniversary is just 2 weeks exactly before it so I figure they get lumped together as far as romantic dinner/flowers/gifts goes. But Superman surprised me. The whole evening did, actually...

I am trying to stay on my Metabolism Miracle plan (not a diet, it's a way of life or WOE/Way Of Eating) and struggling. For our Valentine Dinner my sweet Superman took me to a local place, 49ers and we had the specials. it wasn't a "deal" really, but not expensive and it was yummy. Which surprised me.

Superman likes to ask the server what they recommend. I have done that but it's hard for me because I am kind of picky... okay, I'm quite picky and there are a lot of things I cannot eat, like fish for instance.

Anyway, Superman picked Prime Rib which I had last time and it was just "okay," in my opinion. This time I wanted something different. They had two chicken dishes and the server recommended the Marsala and I went with it.
I was very pleasantly surprised. 

So... Why my Valentine's Day was pretty good:

1. I went with the server recommendation for the Chicken Marsala and actually liked it. I don't like wine sauce but the chicken wasn't bad, not too "wine-y" if you know what I mean.

2. I was able to stay on my eating plan. I got the veggies on the side instead of a traditional carb, like potatoes. The green beans were saute'd with mushrooms and bacon. Mmmmm... bacon. The other mixed veggies were perfect and nothing I couldn't have; Broccoli & cauliflower mix, & cooked to perfection.

3. We skipped dessert but I have a new yummy treat I can make with Almond milk, chocolate protein powder, extra cocoa powder & a bit of Splenda. And ice. Yum. Very yum. It's a Faux Wendy's Frosty and Yes, it works.

4. Superman brought me tulips. I am not a huge flower person because they die (depressing) but I love getting them. We discussed no gifts but he came home with a bunch of tulips anyway. I love tulips. He's Dutch so it works. Made me feel very Very loved.

5. I talked with my mother-in-law. Her wedding anniversary is on the 13th and my heart was hurting because it's been 2+ years since we lost my father-in-law and it still hurts. It will. 

We do not talk much, no reason really, we just don't. I don't talk to very many people on the phone at all so it's not personal. We had a nice chat and I shared with her a dream I had about my father-in-law the week before. I dreamed that he was alive and we just pretended that he passed away so they could have some privacy... like they're celebrities? I don't know what that was about but it was during my "vivid dreams" symptom-time so I woke up sad. I just wanted her to know they are both on my mind, and I care. I think she got that.
The In-Laws 1957

Hope you all had as wonderful a Valentine's Day as I did... if not, might I recommend lowering your expectations? It's awesome when you expect Nothing then get some things! Haha!

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