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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Downton Abbey........... to Buffy?

Yes, I have eclectic taste. Especially with my stories. I have a pretty broad range of things I like to read and view including period pieces (Anthony Hopkins is the King, and Colin Firth is my honey-babe) as well as my Zombies (which I have discussed, at length)... 

Emma Thompson and  Sir Anthony Hopkins
The Remains of the Day
Colin Firth
Pride and Prejudice
Anyway, this is why Downton Abbey was recommended to me. I don't remember who recommended it, might have been my aunt, but anyway, I absorbed it. I love it. I have been anxiously waiting for the next series (that's what the British call "seasons") to begin and have not been disappointed. Well, not in production or costume or dialogue but the story is starting to depress me... Actually, I suppose the Titanic sinking, a miscarriage and a war should have been enough to divert me from the first few episodes, but no. This season has been a doozy!

I buy my Downton Abbey episodes (as I do The Walking Dead) via because we still don't have regular TV. I believe it is available via PBS but since I can't do that I buy them. I tried viewing them on my phone (because the desktop and the laptop are more than three minutes old so they are too slow!) but it sucked so I buy them. It's worth it.Yesterday I discovered that ALL the Season 3 episodes were available. 
Really? Really! So... I watched them.
All of them.
And now I'm sad.


If you haven't seen the latest episode than stop now (unless you don't care, then keep reading).

I don't mind too much when a character dies on a show, sometimes I do but sometimes you are prepared and think Oh well, bummer. This time it was awful, horrible and heartbreaking. One of the most beloved, nicest and most human characters, Sybil, Lady Sybil or Mrs. Branson, if you will, died after giving birth to her baby girl. Ugh.


Lady Sybil in the latest fashion.
It continues to be a tearjerker even after having seen a few more episodes. Her husband is lost. Her mother will never stop grieving (hello! Go read my last week's worth of Blogs!!!!) and the Grandmother steps out of her stolid British "stiff-upper-lip" -ness to give some heartfelt words of comfort to her son (gotta love Maggie Smith!) and my heart just broke. Three episodes of breaking.
Then they did it again.
I don't want to say more. 

I knew before I watched it what was going to happen but I didn't know. You know what I mean?

Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey
That's how I felt about Lady Sybil too, I knew she was going to die in childbirth (because I cannot not read the Spoilers, I just can't) but seeing it was completely different. That's what I love about movies and TV. You can know the story but when you see it, even if it's a book that's been butchered by the TV/Movie industry, it's still a vision (someone's vision) of that story and that fascinates me. This is why I love adaptations! 

So after all the gut-wrenching drama I decide to turn to my other current fetish (nobody else in the house is as captivated as I am); Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I did not watch this show when it came out. I am watching it now after years of being told how good the writing is, what a genius Joss Whedon is and how fantastic the rapport of the actors, etc. etc. etc. And, okay, fine, I'm completely HOOKED!

I watched most of season 2 yesterday and more gut wrenching.

Sarah Michelle Gellar absolutely NAILS the pain of adolescent love. True love. 
Freaking Killer.
AND she had to make a huge HUGE decision, that was completely heartbreaking for her character.

++++Spoiler Alert++++

(This only gets a little notice because it's an old show.)

Poor Buffy has to kill her True Love, Angel. His "alter-ego" aka his "soul-less" self, opens the vortex to Hell and the only way to close it is with his blood. However, just as he opens it, Buffy's friends are successful in giving back Angel's soul so when she has to kill him he is his "good" self. It's horrible.

I had to stop watching but I'm feeling the pull of Buffy. I need to see him come back from Hell. (He does come back, I already read it on Wikepedia-lol-because I cannot stand the suspense!) I need to feel the closure.


In the meantime, I am freaking out about money WITH the means to make money and NOT doing it.

So today I scribble out my Blog and hope you find something here that you connect with. 

My emotions are all over the place and I am, per usual, venting through my viewing choices.

If you haven't seen Downton Abbey or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.... I do recommend both, even though they seem contradictory. 

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