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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Tiny House

Welcome to my I'm grateful, The Tiny House edition.

I pretty much had a minor meltdown when it was suggested that I host a Christmas gathering this year. It's only my immediate family; which consists of myself & the Hubster, Superman and our five kidlets. Sunshine and Princess are currently not living with us as they are in college (or otherwise residing since neither of them is currently enrolled in college-something I will not gripe to them about and since I am in my Gratitude Journal I am not going to gripe here either-except to say that I don't like it, not one bit. Haha.) And my parents. So nine people, all the gifts, the stockings and food. 

I freaked out because we don't have room for just our family in this house. When we lost our house last year we went from a 3,000 square foot home (too large, actually) to 1,500 square feet. We had Princess in her own room and the three boys sharing. Difficult for Snap, who couldn't wait for Princess to move out so he could have his own room. That happened this last September. We now have no place to even PUT Sunshine and Princess when they come. 

Also, our living/dining area is all one room about the size of our old Master Bedroom. So, you might be able to imagine my concern at trying to host nine people and all their gifts and all the food, etc. in this small-ish space. Not excited. 

 I was informed last night, as we were setting up our "fake" tree that it's not that huge.

"It's not as big as D's," Superman commented. D being his sister who lives in a very spacious home on the edge of wilderness and has vaulted ceilings and has a 15 foot tree, or something like that. 

"No, it's not." I agreed. "But she has the space, we do not." 

"However," I continued, or argued, "with the tree over there you cannot get between the TV stand and the tree."

"We can move it over a little," Superman replied. Meaning, in front of the fireplace. I should note that we don't really use the fireplace because it is a gas-log fireplace, not a wood burning, so that was a feasible suggestion.

All this is being discussed as a very patient, and calm I might add, Snap is putting the tree together and making sure all the lights work.

...Then the lights went out. All the lights on that side of the house, including the computer, the outside lights and all the lamps. 

"Huh," was the consensual statement.

After a little discussion and Snap going out to the breaker box and resetting it we realized that we cannot have our Christmas lights on AND the Tree lights on at the same time.


I am grateful for this tiny house because we all have to give a little and be creative. We are talking about where else we can place the tree to make this work.. I have decided to do the Dutch Coffee Table for Christmas Eve because of space. Also, it's a nice tradition to implement. 

My parents are bringing their own housing when they come for Christmas. Maybe the girls can stay with them. Our Landlord/next-door-neighbor has graciously agreed to let my parents "park" their "housing" on his lot across the street and we can string power across the street (from whence will come the power, I know not). 

I am grateful for this tiny house because it is less to vacuum. It is less to dust, and it is less to mop. Always a good thing.

I am grateful for this tiny house because we have had to learn how to get rid of things we are not using. You cannot hoard what cannot be stored. At least we can't.

I am grateful for this tiny house because regardless of everything; space, power, fireplace, sitting room, we will be together for Christmas and share what space we have and enjoy each other and the day.

No matter what size, we can still Love One Another.

God Bless me that I live to New Year's!


  1. God Bless you, your tiny house, big family and gianormous heart! Love you!

  2. Aw! That is a beautiful compliment! <3

  3. I believe you will liveto the New Year!

    You do have a huge heart and hopefully will love your tiny house more with every day you live there.

    So glad we are friends!

  4. Big trees are for the birds - pun intended. With an attitude like yours, the holiday can only be good.


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