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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Finales... Why Oh Why?

So most of my shows are off the air until February. A couple don't even start until then! Oh the misery and feint of heart that I will be abandoned by my number one choice of entertainment and relaxation. You see, it's not like I go to movies a lot. Usually we just wait until the DVD comes out then buy it. $17.96 is much cheaper than movie tickets for six or seven! I am succored by the vast amounts of choices I have for my Christmas movie viewing...although admittedly that is decreased by the fact that I don't have "regular" TV, as I have mentioned before. If it's not on Netflix, Hulu or I don't already own it on DVD then I ain't watching it. Occasionally I have an opportunity to watch something at a friend's house but not too often since I am home almost all day every day and am so exhausted by 3:00 in the afternoon it's not likely that I'm going anywhere to watch TV or movies.

So, with all that whining I will say that it might be a good thing that my TV viewing is, by necessity, going to be reduced. I have goals, you know, many of which require me to be attentive to my brain and not washed by the drone of a television or tediousness of humdrum, trite movies. I still love them though. I love watching good acting, good comedy and well-told stories. Whatever format, even musical! 

I have a baking list a mile long and I need to get a jump on it. I am very excited about the Dutch Coffee Table idea. I ran it by Superman yesterday and he was excited. He even suggested adding a soup (a true Dutchman, I tell ya!) and I'm okay with that. I am not a big soup person. I'll take a sandwich over dinner or soup any day. 

I have complained a lot about my tiny house but it is easier to keep clean (not that I'm doing an A+ job at it, mind you, but still...) and we have to be creative. I also am grateful to have this house rather than living somewhere I don't want to live (truth!). So I will be grateful for this "cute" home and stop whining about my lack of space. I kind of freaked out at my parents when we were discussing having Christmas celebrations here. I mean they have the space, we don't, but our kids want to see their friends and I don't blame them. So we will host and spend New Year's with the Parents and their heated jacuzzi and large house. The proximity to my favorite place on earth (should be the temple, but alas it is the mountains and college below said mountains...) Cedar City & Brian Head. Hopefully we'll be able to make a trip up to see something snowy. I don't know about skiing, although I'd like to.

So where am I? 

I was wanting to talk about the mid-season finales but really I am consumed with all that's on my plate right now. I guess I should be glad that OUAT & The Walking Dead are taking a break. Now I can catch up on other things... like my reading. I picked up the biography of my favorite Historical Romance author, Georgette Heyer. I'm thinking of calling a character Georgette, but we'll see. Not in this story, it's not suitable for it, but maybe another.

I also have at least two reviews I want to do. I read Brenda Novak's When Lightning Strikes which I want to talk about. I also read another Eloisa James and am trying to get through another but just not getting into it. I also need to focus a little more on school. I've been slacking. Not good.

So, once again, this has become more journal then perspective and I'll try to be better tomorrow. 

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  1. I would be so happy if I could live without a tv. Unfortunately my roomate / mother not only insists on a tv front and center in the living room, she has it on constantly if she is at home and awake.


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