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Sunday, December 2, 2012

SOS Report Days 11-17

November 25-December 1

1. Christmas Movie

Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple. I am not sure if this is truly a "Christmas" movie, but the main events happen around Christmas. Seeing the irrepressibly cute Shirley Temple (whose name in the movie is also Shirley) dancing and smiling and laughing was a treat. And I got to watch with my Mommy.

Monday We traveled but still managed to get home early enough to watch our Family Favorite, Christmas Vacation. Because if you can't watch Chevy Chase go nuts and Randy Quaid act like the ultimate Red Neck without at least smiling something is wrong with you! 
"...have the Hap-Happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny F&^%$#g Kay!"

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Writing, Laundry and just trying to stay afloat on my other goals...

Thursday Crazy for Christmas. Howard Hesseman as an eccentric old guy tossing $100 bills all over the place. Awesome!

Gift of the Magi. A modernized version of O. Henry's classic tale that I truly loved. It was a bit hokey and corny, but still worth the watch especially if you like the story concept. And of course an HEA even though they both act like idiots (the notation that should be at the end of the original, IMO).

2. House & Home

Sunday & Monday
Still at my parents house. I got us cleaned up, did a bunch of laundry (even folded) and took time to help with the cleanup after Sunday dinner. My brother did most of the prep, as well as my mom who is tireless! 

Tuesday-Saturday I focused on the Laundry and am more caught up than I expected, honestly.

3. Write:

Sunday I had to focus on homework.

Monday We traveled but I managed to get over 400 words written longhand in notes.

Tuesday I wrote over 3,000 words!

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday Only wrote a handful and then Nano was over.

 I rested.

4. Serve:

Sunday & Monday Getting ready to go and traveling.

Tuesday Laundry Laundry Laundry! Yay for having a working dryer!

Wednesday to Saturday This is an area I need to focus on. 

5. Pray & Read Scriptures:

Sunday to Saturday I am definitely improving. I just feel like I'm forgetting something important when I don't get my scriptures read and journaling done.

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