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Saturday, December 1, 2012

SOS Report Days 9-10

I've decided to make this a weekly post rather than try and do it daily.
Here is the report for the end of last week:

November 23-24, 2012

1. Christmas Movie:

Friday & 

The Hallmark channel is a lovely thing. My momma and I glued ourselves to the TV and watched the following movies:

Mistletoe Over Manhattan: A very cute story about Mrs. Santa Claus (whose name happens to be Rebecca, who knew?) trying to bring back the Christmas Spirit. She ends up nannying for a family on the verge of splitting up. She saves Christmas, of course. The actress playing Mrs. "Becca" Claus is no other than A Christmas Story's Teacher! Yes! Ralphie's A+ A+ A+ Miss Shield! That was Cool! LOL

we also watched:

It's Christmas, Carol: A somewhat entertaining yet trite retelling of Dickens classic. The fun part was seeing Carrie Fisher as the "guiding Ghost" to "Carol" as she learns some life lessons. Also, it's about Publishing and Writing and there's an angsty Author. So, yes, this was a Me movie. 

2. House & Home:

Friday & Saturday: So I did the best I could to keep the area of my mom's house that we were occupying clean. The kids are being sloppy and messy but I'm trying to stay on them, especially about the towels. Oy.

3. Write:

Friday & Saturday: Just trying to keep up with my homework assignments.

4. Serve:

Friday & Saturday What am I doing? We are on vacation so who do I serve? Just trying to stay aware of those around me. <3 font="font">

5. Pray & Read Scriptures:

Friday & Saturday Yeah, not so good. This is an area I am focusing more on so that I can get back into the routine of Praying, reading my scriptures, taking SOAP notes, Five Gratitudes & journaling. This helps me to stay focused on my daily goals & agenda.

***Look for the reports on Sundays!***

Merry Christmas!

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