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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Starting... 1/40

Thankful Thursday! One week away from Thanksgiving and today marks 40 days before Christmas.

I am supposed to start my 40-Day-Lenten-ish Fast aka Season of Sanctification but I want or need a new name because all those are taken, officially.

I think I'm going to be continuing my usual blogging but developing this idea as I go along. I am not fully prepared but I will do a few things purposefully because the point behind this concept is to prepare me for Christmas. I want to feel "the Christmas Spirit" or the Goodness that I used to feel around this time of year. I suppose I could wax on about how the world is changed and 25-30 years ago was a "simpler time," but I think that's hogwash. I believe this can be a magical time for me and my family and this is what matters to me.  I am starting a little 'early" by some standards (some people would prefer to wait until at least the day after Thanksgiving before moving toward Christmas) but since I want it to be Forty Days (symbolism here) I have to start now.

So between now and Christmas, or the next 40 days, I hope to:

1. Watch a Christmas movie every day.

2. Be as much in tune with getting stuff done that needs to be done (house/family) as possible.

3. Continue with my blogging and writing as scheduled. Be mindful of the time, and the season & prioritize. 

4. Serve someone every day (try not to make it the "default" family member).

5. Stay close to the Lord through prayer and scripture study, daily.

I think if I do those things during this time that it will help me to be in tune for the feelings of Christmas that I crave so much.

While I am always grateful, I am grateful especially at this time because while this holiday may have started as a pagan celebration of seasonal change, Christians turned it into a celebration of the most important being to be born on this Earth. 

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  1. Oddly fulfilling in a good way. Still looking for daily pages. You CAN do everything on your list.


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