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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Have I talked about Bones? I love this show! I watched the latest episode earlier (kind of break from life) and it was a good one. So I wanted to talk about the Top 5 reasons I love this show.

1. Dead people. 
Okay, so ya'll already know I have a thing for Zombies but I also have a thing for human anatomy. Yes I took Anatomy in college and have seen (and touched) an actual dead body. I recently took a Forensics class for "fun" and of course the flies and decomp sections fascinated me. 
It's kind of sick, I realize this but hey, I don't create the dead bodies, I just like to study them (yeah, even toyed with the idea of getting a job in the Coroner's office, but that died... pun intended). 

2. Emily Deschanel.
Truth is I love Zooey Deschanel, mostly from Elf and Yes Man more than New Girl but she's she's just so "adorkable," and this is her beautiful, older sister. She guest starred on an episode once as a long-lost relative of Temperance "Bones" Brennan and it was awesome. Emily is great in the part of Bones because she is supposed to be socially awkward and she plays it off excellently. 

Emily & Zooey Deschanel

3. David Boreanaz.
I hear he's a jerk but what do I know? I love Seeley Booth, his character on Bones. Booth is amazing. A Desert Storm Veteran he is very patriotic & like the actor he is Catholic. I'm not sure how "practicing" he is but he does defend his Faith to Dr. Brennan "Bones" frequently; which I think takes guts. He is a good dad and last but certainly not least of all; he is very Easy On The Eyes. Yes, Yummy.

4. Hodgins. 
The bug and slime guy. He is into conspiracy theories and gets excited about insects and sludge. Really, really cool. Plus he "caught" the exotic Angela whose dad is played by a ZZ Top dude. I mean really guys, if you are not watching this show yet, you should be! 

TJ Thyne & Michaela Conlin of Bones
aka Hodgins & Angela

The first couple of seasons were awesome because Hodgins and Dr. Brennan's intern Zack did all kinds of experiments that required blowing stuff up and creating a mess. Awesome!

5. The whole crime-solving through science thing.
Yeah. I love that. In my other life I am a scientist of the geekiest kind. I get off on the crazy and the creepy. It's fascinating that the life cycle of a bug can tell you when a person died and/or if their body was moved before or after death. Also, more than being about fingerprints it's about what is found ON the body or IN the body or on the BONES themselves, which I'm sorry is FREAKING COOL!

So there's my Top 5 reasons why you should be watching Bones.


  1. I loved Zack. My favorite intern. I love the hick too but nobody will ever replace Zack in my heart.

  2. Agreed 100% Why they went with that storyline that removed him from the show I. will. never. Know.!


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