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Friday, November 16, 2012

Doing It All... NOT! 2/40

Technically I missed yesterday but I was busy being good and doing good/right things with my time; specifically spending it with Superman. I like it. I get to do that all next week along with ALL my kids and even my extended family and probably a stranger or two. In the meantime, here is a recap for Friday...

1. Christmas Movie: I watched about 5 minutes of  "Crackling Fire" with music. Awesome. 

2. House & Home: Even though I had three kids to get out the door, myself to get ready & All-That-That-Implies, I did get laundry started and moving. Go. Me. AND the bed got made, always a good sign.

3. Write: Late blog and no fiction or work writing done. :(

4. Serve: Because I served in the temple yesterday, I did serve someone outside my family. It was kind of cool though because I got a Family File name from a friend and it turned out to be a Dutch name; Cornelia van de Vlerge--who may or may not be related to Superman's family (all 100% Dutch). Cornelia is a nice name. I am considering it for a character now...

5. Pray & Read Scriptures: No reading or studying but I did pray. I struggle with my nighttime prayers. Partly because I am in pain at night. Bummer. Working on that.

Today is Stake Conference (tonight) but I'm not feeling well. Superman got to go to Thousand Oaks with his car-show/fishing buddy. It looks like a night in because I'm not feeling well and basically put on sweats and am sitting with my laptop, in my lap. Lots to do. Homework notwithstanding.

I checked my school schedule today and turns out I have another class that I started and had to drop so I thought I had already taken it. It's Development & Learning. I think. Another doozie, in December. Loveliness. I just have to wrap my head around it early. I should have my current class done by tomorrow night (a week-ish early!) so I can enjoy my "vacation." 

I am looking forward to the holiday week. We leave for St. George, UT on Tuesday, early enough to be with the family by dinner time. That's the plan anyway. I am not tracking my eating so much although my current nausea could be because all I've had today was bagels. Western Bagel bagels but still, way too much carbs for me. 

The other thing I have done today is PLAN! I Love Planning. It's a thing. I planned through December and just short of all of January because I need to see if this method works--I am always changing how I list and plan because I haven't had anything that really worked for me since I started having kids. I love Flylady but I just can't seem to "stick" to anything. I have to rework my routines (again) and make sure I know what they are (simple but do-able) and then make sure I check my calendar every day. 
Yeah, not really my strong suit, truthfully.

So, I'm not doing it all yet, but I have plans and I have plans for those plans. IYKWIM...


  1. IKWIM?

    But did you plan workable writing into your plans? NaNoWriMo is quickly flying by. I really want you to do this. This would be one if those follow through things. Things you plan and finish. I've not been this excited about a finished plan in for well forever!

    Captain obvious knows you spend Friday through Sunday with the family and with next week extending that to Tuesday through Sunday I wonder where NaNo fits in.

  2. If You Know What I Mean.

    Nano? Everywhere. I can count hand-written stuff so prob. go that route on the road. Co-writer & I will be together so we can iron out some spots.


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