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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful Is As Beautiful Does.

It turns out that if I don't write I don't feel productive and when I don't feel productive I feel bad about myself. And when I feel bad about myself I don't do the things that are best for me. Because I believe that beauty on the inside is way more important than beauty on the outside I wanted to talk about what that means. 

1. When you are beautiful on the inside you do not talk about others. If you see a need you do what you can about it but don't talk to others to find out how that need got created. Do. Something. 

2. When you are beautiful on the inside you do not treat yourself like a piece of meat. You wear clean and modest clothing but that doesn't mean you can't dress nicely or attractively. I think the term "modest" might be interpreted by some to be turtle necks and ankle-length skirts but that's not what it is to me. There should be no danger of a wardrobe malfunction that would cause your body to be pixelated. If You Know What I Mean.

3. When you are beautiful on the inside you don't put harmful things into your body. Smoking is a nasty habit mostly because it makes you not smell nice, stains your teeth and your fingers and can make you or those around you sick. Drugs and alcohol are for illnesses and treating medical issues. I am not generally opposed to recreational drinking (I hear wine is tasty) but as a practicing LDS I do not drink. Drinking to get drunk baffles me... but that's because I am also a control freak. LOL

4. When you are beautiful on the inside you treat yourself and everyone around you with RESPECT! Don't call names. Don't tell someone that disagrees with you that they are stupid. Recognize differences and RESPECT them. You cannot get respect if you do not give respect. Just saying.

5. When you are beautiful on the inside the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile and warm greeting to all you meet. Obviously creepers are excluded but even they deserve a certain amount of kindness (not in a dark alley). It's an interesting experiment to greet people with a smile and a kind word. You might try it just to see what kind of response you get (from Wo, crazy chick! to Wo, Hot Chick!).

I think Intelligence is the greatest sign of beauty. If you are intelligent then these five suggestions will make sense to you. If they don't feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page.

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