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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It’s Tuesday.

I love YouTube! There are so many great ways to learn things via YouTube videos! I was surprised by that a few years ago when we were trying to figure out a way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey without an oven. We ended up cooking it in the ground in a pit. It was one of the most delicious and moist turkey we’ve ever had! This was learned by watching countless amounts of "cooking turkey without an oven" searches via YouTube. 

Here is my favorite one. A Boy Scout group doing multiple turkeys at once.

My obsession with using brushes to apply my makeup came from watching YouTube videos. It started with a referral to watch RiceBunny. She is Michelle Phan and currently has a contract with Lancome because of the success she created using YouTube videos to teach makeup application and beauty regimens. I posted a video on a previous post about your night time face washing routine.

She is Awesome.

Lately the news have been covering the account of a young girl who has created quite a sensation via YouTube. Her name is Talia Castellano and she is 13-years-old and she has cancer. She is bald but beautiful and uses makeup to give herself confidence to go out in public. She doesn’t want a wig but feels beautiful because of the makeup techniques she has learned and now teaches.

She was on The Ellen Degeneres show and Ellen made her an honorary Cover Girl. Beautiful!

Just as a side note, September is Children’s Cancer Awarenessmonth. So many children are diagnosed and die from cancer before they even get to have a life. If you are able to help by donating to the cause, click here. Otherwise, just spread the word that we need to keep working toward treatment and cures for cancer that keeps stripping beautiful people from the earth!

A friend of mine has been campaigning for some time for the bald Barbie. It’s an amazing idea and is taking flight, finally. Her daughter has cancer and it’s a day-to-day battle! If you could show your support for the bald Barbie it would help because goal is for Mattel to use the proceeds (profits) to help with cancer patient families in need and for much-needed research.

YouTube is an amazing way the internet expands our knowledge base. If you find a good instructional video, let me know! I love it!

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