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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm mostly deaf... Did you know?

My creativity has been limited to and for my school work this month. My Lucky Penny story has not progressed One. Character.


October is supposed to be the month I start the Fantasy collaboration with my brother. I don’t know if he’s ready [snicker]. I need to get in the habit of writing creatively on a regular basis. It’s Who I Am and Who I Want To Be …which by the way was the impetus for this blog!

I do not feel whole when I’m not writing. Making my Blog a priority is good but when it gets let go by the wayside I feel guilty AND out of tune. With what? I’m not sure exactly, but definitely like “something is not right” (ala Miss Clavel of Madeline).

Getting Crackle’s schedule and school stuff taken care of was also a priority. I am still trying to get a hold of someone at Regional Center. I don’t know what has happened with my rep but I left a message with the “emergency” person …again. I’ll have to call in the morning if I don’t hear from them. Which is another thing I’ve been struggling with lately, the phone calls.

Admittedly, part of my hesitation with things is because of my lack of ability to do them perfectly. I don’t like to talk on the phone because I cannot hear very well. I like to text, email, chat on Facebook…basically anything textual I’m all over but speaking, talking or having to listen on the phone is difficult.

And embarrassing.

There it is. That’s the truth of the matter. 

I’m embarrassed because I cannot hear you and I’m afraid to be too annoying and say, “Excuse me?” yet again. My family gets it (and they yell at me) a lot. I’m not sure how bad my hearing is now but it’s bad.

I can’t hear. So I don’t want to call you. I don’t want to call anyone.

Okay. That’s out.

I heard a podcast today about people who are deaf and blind. My greatest nightmare and I am getting closer every day. It scares me. It scares me more than a corn maze! 

I heard another one about Seaside Therapeutics. Wow. I don’t know if what they are working on will help Crackle but … Wow.


  1. You are a textural person I enjoy that because although I love to talk amd listen I love to read as well.

    Your friends will inderstand if you say excuse me. As for professional/business calls lead in with I am hard of hearing. They will comply.

    Perfection is a myth only Christ achieved so give yourself a break.

    It is with much love I read and sometimes push you. I'm still looking forward to doing your cover art. Lots of cover art so get to writing those books, lol. Between the family, school and every day business they will come. I have faith .

  2. Ooooh! Yay for Cover Art! :)


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