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Friday, September 28, 2012

Short, Sweet and To The Point.

Another Friday and another day of cleaning.

I spent most of the weekend working on my teacher education class. That’s what I get for putting off four lesson plans. I just don’t like doing them. Not the lesson plans so much but doing it their way. KWIM?

Anyway, took the final (got 90% YEAH!) and it’s all done. Now I have a Bio class.


I weighed myself Friday morning and I was 166. That’s okay. Not where I want to be but I found a weight loss post from about a year ago and I was 158 so that’s less of a gain than I thought. I still want to be under 150 (preferably under 140) but we’ll see.

I walked last week but that’s about it. I need the strength training but my lower back has been aching.

Yeah. That’s my whine/mantra for the year… for my life?

Whatever, I’m tired of feeling lousy! I watch these young lithe ladies and their smooth swift movements and :::sigh::: that’s not me. Not sure if it’s ever been me. Haha.

My goal for this week is to walk more, maybe even run again (Yay!) and do the strength training!  

According to my calendar I start with toning/strength training routine “B” on Monday, Tuesday is a “Cardio” day, then Wednesday is “A” routine. Thursday is “Cardio” again, “B” on Friday then “Cardio” on Saturday.

I can do it! 

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  1. Very. I like to the point posts. I also like that you aren't as off as you thought...


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