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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fitness Sum-up

Friday we cleaned the house. I mean Cleaned the house! Superman attached my feather duster to a telescoping pole so we were able to get the cobwebs out of the corners in the high ceilings. Yay! I cleaned the oven and the cupboards & ceiling above the stove. Yuck!

Needless to say, it was exhausting.

Now we have to do the upstairs. We have an awesome closet upstairs but it’s totally disorganized because it’s become the catch-all for all the junk we don’t know what to do with. All my sewing and knitting is in there but I can’t get to it because of all the extra Junk. ::sigh::

One of the things I want to start is a project a week; sewing or knitting or something creative. In order to do that I need that closet to be put in order. I should take some before and after pictures. Really the rest of the house is okay… except the garage. Grrr. That’s part of the problem. Some of the stuff that belongs in the garage is in the closet and vice-versa. Such a pain. But it looks like we are going to be in the house for at least another year.
Sad. Face. :(

Fit Friday Report:

I did not run this week. I did walk, a little. Thank you to my Zen Pond buddy who “made” me walk with her. We could have done two days but the second day was the cleaning house day and I was Done. (Stick a fork in me I’m done kind of  done.) I’m hoping to get back into the C25K training this week. Tuesday, Peeps! I felt so awesome doing that!

I have been watching what I eat and I am losing. I have no idea what I’m doing that’s working but I am trying to time my carbs (yes, I am eating them). Last night I made pizza and cinnamon rolls and this morning I was down a pound. Huh? And no Splenda in those rolls either! Haha! I am really good about having a protein shake for breakfast (it’s fast and easy) but I fail at lunch (I have no idea what to eat!) and I fail at fresh fruits and vegetables. When we buy them they rot. :/ I’m not sure what to do about that. It’s frustrating.

I would like to juice but I’m not. I keep thinking I will but then I don’t.

I watched Forks Over Knives but then read a really awesome review that basically said it was bunk. Not enough protein and the science was faulty. Too bad. I recommended it too. Oops. I do think a more plant-based diet is healthy but I’m not very good at it. A product of the modern age, I guess. So I am trying for a more Body-for-Life approach. It’s a good plan. Adding the strength training three days a week and the walking/running three days a week and making sure I am eating healthy; i.e.; protein-carb combos, incorporating more plant-based foods and home-made carbs.

I offered to make some cookies to sell at the football games too. Yum. I love making cookies! I might make bread this week as well. I love to bake. Making the pizza dough was actually fun and I have so many cookbooks on my Kindle app it’s kind of crazy!

So, I wonder, is my diet making my FMS worse? I know I have to eat every 2-3 hours or I feel sick. I am finding also that I have nausea more often (that just started). I am not sure what foods are my triggers. I’m not ready to try a gluten-free diet (still curious about the benefits, though) or removing dairy. Cheese and eggs are my staples.

I am anxious for “real fall” because it’s still too hot here. The mornings and evenings are wonderful but since I’ve been exposed to steamed almond milk (Y.U.M.!!!) I really want cold days. Then I can make soups and other casseroles that make sense for cold weather but just seem too hot for this!

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