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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cultivating an Attitude of Grattitude

There is always lots and Lots and LOTS to be thankful for. I know that. I struggle with my health, my kids (one mostly), life in general… but it’s no excuse to not be Grateful. At least that’s what I think…

I read an amazing quote this week;
"A grateful heart, then, comes through expressing gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His blessings and to those around us for all that they bring into our lives. This requires conscious effort—at least until we have truly learned and cultivated an attitude of gratitude."
—Thomas S. Monson, "The Divine Gift of Gratitude"

So here's my Attitude:

A is for The Avengers movie coming out in 5 days. (Yes, I loved Loved LOVED this movie! Joss Whedon, Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner… what?)

B is for Bones premiering before all the other shows. Thank you FOX for giving me this gift.

C is for all the CSIs. May you live forever.

D is for Doggies everywhere, and their owners. And Dog Shaming.

E is for Everyone. Yes, even the douchebag that cuts me off on the freeway. I am thankful for all the people in the world that make it what it is. I’m sorry for those that wish evil on others but I believe even they have the freedom to choose their behavior.

F is for my Friends. Love my friends. Especially the ones that love me. (LOL)

G is for Gorgonzola cheese. Because it’s the only cheese I can eat besides cheddar and mozzarella and it’s yummy, and sounds fancy.

H is for Hash Browns. Not those nasty things you get at Fast Food places but the yummy ones you can get at Hamburger Hamlet served with sour cream… Oh-My!

I is for Imagination. So glad I have one, and I know how to use it!

J is for Junk that you keep because it once belonged to someone you love. I have a 1965 piece of Chevy “junk” in my garage because my brothers bought it and drove it. It’s my junk.

K is for Katrina. Because I rock and I’m glad I can appreciate myself. (Even when I’m a whiney brat!)

L is for Love. True love, if you will, because I found it, kept it and hope to keep it Forever!

M is for Mommies. All the mommies. You give so much. Mine is my lifeline, I am glad to be one and I’m grateful for all the great mommy examples around me!

N is for Nice people. The people who smile and wave at you when you barely know them. Yes, them. Thank you. You make me feel wanted when I am most insecure.

O is for being OVER stuff. Get Over it. I do. I try. I am. Moving on…

P is for Pie. Pecan Pie. Dutch Apple Pie. Specifically, any Pie my mom makes. Yum.

Q is for Questions. I am so curious and am always asking questions. Sorry if it annoys you but usually I can Google it and get the answer I am looking for… if not there are lots of people to ask, and they tell me! Isn’t that awesome!

R is for Reading. ::sigh:: The most bestest thing in the whole wide world. I love living in the worlds inside my head.

S is for Service. I am so amazed by people who drop everything to serve others. Superman is like that, one of the reasons I married him. My brother is like that too. It’s inspiring.

T is for Television. As much as it can drain my life it is an easy entertainer and storyteller. And I love stories!

U is for Understanding. Feeling Understood is one of the few things in life I truly, Truly seek and appreciate when it’s given. Don’t judge me, just understand. Thank you to those who do this for me and others. You Rock!

V is for videos. (Thank you Crackle). Although videotapes are quite retro these days I still think of them fondly and the many hours of mommy time it gave me (oops).

W is for Water. By far my favorite drink! I know, boring as heck, but it’s the truth (especially since I’ve given up Diet Coke).

X is for Xantham gum because it is a Low-carb thickening agent and a key ingredient in my BFFs AMAZING Low-carb cooking!

Y is for YOU! If you are reading this? Thank you!!! (and share!)

Z is for Zen. Zen ponds and friends who offer them. Incense burning and rock gardens (that would never stay “combed” at my house!) I seek Zen and appreciate the few moments I find it.

That was incredibly fun! Test your gratitude! I challenge you to make some kind of Acrostic list of Grattitudes & see all the things you can think of… It will cheer you up! Post or share on your own blog!

Well, it worked for me!

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