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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trendy Trimming

I've been able to lose over 40 lbs. using the Metabolism Miracle diet, which I HIGHLY recommend. I have managed to maintain for over a year, but now I am going to try the Dukan Diet to lose the last 20-25 pounds. I am hoping to document my progress, if not every day then at least 3-4 times a week.

I'm not interested in creating a whole new website devoted to this but I really like what this lady has done, so I'm going to keep track of my progress, notes on recipes, what does and doesn't work, etc.
It's also important to make an effort to exercise and I know I need to do that. Maybe keeping notes and talking about it will finally get my fat @$$ off the couch! 

At the Dukan Diet website it asks a few questions to calculate your true weight.
I am 5'5"
The most I have ever weighed is 192 lbs.
The least I have ever weighed is 122 lbs.
My average weight is approx. 145 lbs.
I am small boned.

Here are my results:

There are actually four phases. The last phase they call the stabilization phase where you keep your weight stable for an extended period and are basically free to eat however you want. There are three rules to this phase which are:
1. Have a pure protein day once a week (they call them Protein Thursdays)
2. Walk 20+minutes a day
3. Eat 3 Tablespoons of Oat Bran a day.
here I go.

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