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Monday, May 23, 2011

FYI: I have Opinions

I am sure this comes as a shock to some but it’s true. I have opinions.

I have opinions about parenting children; education, special needs, chores, XXYY, allowance, friends, Autism, schools, food, and clothing.

I have opinions about what movies I watch, what’s on TV, what I listen to on the radio and CD’s (iTunes), and what I read; books, magazines, and even the backs of cereal boxes.

I have opinions about politics; the death penalty, the President, Abortion, illegal immigration, stem cell research, taxes, the Governor (of California) and local issues.

I have opinions about beauty, I do sell Mary Kay cosmetics, after all. But also weight, style, clothing choices and obviously shoes, purses and jewelry.

I have opinions about shopping.
I have opinions about marriage.
I have opinions about exercise, dieting and “food management.”

I have opinions about myself, my friends, my enemies (!), my home, my family and my role as a woman.

I have opinions about God, religion and morality.

I have lots of opinions and I’m going to start expressing them more.

The funny thing about my opinions though, they are flexible. I have strong beliefs (specifically about God) but I’m also very open-minded and enjoy a good argument, ahem, aka “discussion.”

Read on!

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  1. I love your posts on facebook. Have a feeling I have good stuff to look forward to!


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