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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Organized

Random movie quote, "The chickens are not organized!"

So… I’m up too late. I mean Letterman is on, I don’t watch Letterman! But I’ve been at my calendar all evening (you know you can’t plan anything if you don’t plan) and just finished and got an eyeful of Yellow Taylor Swift and I had a random thought. “She doesn’t have boobs!” Hmmm.
That was weird.
You may or may not be aware that writers like to collect office supplies. We have an affinity for pens and pencils (and are quite picky too!) I also like to collect organization tools, particularly calendars. And bins. File boxes, file folders, notebooks, sheet protectors. Yeah.
I was watching the latest episode of CSI about a “Hoarder.” Apparently it’s a real illness. And just as I suspected there IS a method to the madness! I might be a Level 1 Hoarder but truthfully I think I’m just too lazy to go through the gazillion boxes in my garage. It’s overwhelming. Um, but apparently that’s part of the thing. There was actually a name for putting things in boxes to go through later. I just thought it was called “tidying up for company.”
So my calendar is done and I have created a daily task list that comprises of approximately 60 items a day. That list is on Excel, by the way, and the calendar is on Calendar Creator Plus. I’m still trying to get them to print correctly. I have a pink binder with a zipper from a previous attempt at organization. Hope that helps.
Wow, just saw an ad for a Very Cool Phone! It had a calendar on it….
Oh dear.


  1. I just want to note that I recognize Hoarding as a very real illness and this post has no intention of making light of the problem. If you or someone you know is beyond a Level 1 they should be seeking help.

  2. Oh and the putting things in bins/boxes to sort through later is called "time capsuling."


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