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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Spending Fast

The other day I read an article on Yahoo news about a bunch of different people and their approaches to “this economy” and their personal battles and choices to combat money issues. I was enlightened by one woman’s goal to go on a “spending fast.” I liked the terminology. It made sense to me and I felt it time to apply such restriction on myself. So I’ve made a commitment.
I informed my family, and a few others that I am now (as of November 1st) on a “Spending Fast.” That means I will no longer spend money on myself. I am not allowed to buy books, shoes, clothing, purses, accessories or any other unnecessary items for myself. I am excluding hygiene products or other health-related items.
My husband, predictably, took this statement tongue in cheek. I get it. I know he’s the type to only believe what he sees, especially when it’s about Me and Money.
You see, Money and I, we have a Love/Hate relationship. I suppose Money is probably aloof about the whole thing but I definitely have issues.
I hope to be checking in now and again during the six months I have committed to this fast. Hopefully our financial burdens will be eased by my taking a more unselfish approach to spending.
We’ll see.

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