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Friday, January 17, 2014

Who Am I?

There are lots of things about me that people don't know, maybe they do because I talk about them, write about them and often post on social media about them. Still, I think there are things people don't know. 

1. I believe in myself, most of the time. 
Having a caveat to believing in myself means that I have room for improvement. I think I'm worth the time it takes to develop a good habit and I think good habits are healthy. The *most of the time* means that I often forget that keeping up with good habits will, ultimately, in the long run, make me happier. 

2. I believe in God.
I am grateful for my faith. I am also grateful for my Faith. I am a Mormon. I believe in all kinds of *crazy* stuff like ghosts, angels and afterlife. I believe that I am loved. I believe that I am important to God but that he doesn't make an *easy* path for me (or anyone) just because I believe. I believe that Jesus is my spiritual brother and that he came to earth, lived and died for all mankind. It's pretty heavy stuff, and a little *out there* if you think about it, but I believe it. 

3. I believe in marriage.
I don't think marriage is easy. I think the pinnacle of society is the family. I think children deserve to be loved, cherished, cared for and taken care of. I believe it is a parents job to teach their children how to behave in society, how to succeed and what is important. 

4. I believe I'm a writer.
I don't do it often enough. I don't blog enough. I don't spend enough time on my *stories* and I don't spend enough time writing my personal story for my descendants. But I spend more time than a "non-writer" and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I want to tackle this particular "skill." I know I need to write more and I'm working on it.

5. I believe in being healthy.
I don't "diet" per se. I've talked a lot about that. I do believe in being fit. I do believe in taking care of our bodies so they can perform to their upmost ability. I do my best. I am a little lazy in this department for a variety of reasons. I dispute certain diagnoses since the undermine my desire to be better. 

This is my focus for this year. These are my "goals" because I have identified who I truly believe I am and who I want to be.

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