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Monday, September 16, 2013

Why I stopped taking my meds

I am not anti-medication by any means, and I believe in seeking medical intervention because not doing so can be dangerous, even deadly. However, I have recently stopped taking a lot of my medications OR really, just reducing the amount (yes, under the direction of my dr., no worries, I'm not completely moronic!).

Recently I have been taking up to five medications daily and that does not include the vitamin supplements that I also take (vitamin A, Super B, C, iron, potassium & a multi). I still take a blood pressure medication (which I have not stopped or reduced).

What have I stopped taking? For starters I have reduced my anti-depressant (currently taking Cymbalta) and I want to tell you why. The why is important to me, and maybe to others who suffer from chronic clinical depression, like I do. I found that I stopped feeling anything while taking the full prescribed dose. Mind you, I take it so that I can function like a "normal" person. What I don't want is to be an emotional Zombie (although I love zombies, doesn't mean I want to be one!). I want to feel sensitivity and compassion. I want to be emotionally moved when I see or hear something that should make us feel something. I found that I felt nothing and I don't think that's healthy. I think that's almost as unhealthy as feeling everything, which is kind of what depression feels like, sometimes.

I don't mind tearing up over bad news or a heartwarming tale. I think that is a normal emotional response. A human response and I don't want to lose that. So I reduced the amount of anti-depressant I take and I am still able to cope while also feeling something for my fellow human beings, which matters to me.

The other things I'm not taking are for my (supposed) Fibromyalgia symptoms. Specifically I take Gabapentin (stopped) and a muscle relaxer (which I take as needed-which is what the bottle says to do). I am surprised and Very Pleased to report that I am not only functioning well, but am also able to push myself a little further than before.


I still maintain that I suffer from postherpetic neuralgia (aka; after Shingles nerve pain) and not Fibromyalgia and since I am no longer needing the medication I am convinced I was right.
I still have some symptoms related to my hyperparathyroidism (specifically the high amount of calcium in my blood) which I am having treated and hope to be at least to 90% soon (100% might be too much to ask so I'd be happy with 90!).

I am just so happy to be in this place and not having to rely on so much medication just to function.


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