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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Four-Letter L-Word I Hate!

Lazy. I hate the word Lazy. For one, I think it's overused and by people who are judging others.
I admit that I have been called Lazy almost my whole life. It makes me crazy and that's probably because some small part of me believes it... But then I do something or consistently do something and I realize I'm not lazy, I am, however, a number of other things.

1. I procrastinate. Who doesn't do this? Really? Be honest now! We all have things we put off doing because we either hate doing it or don't see the value in doing it. Like dusting, for instance, or housework in general... Really? Who likes doing housework? I mean maybe there are people who like the end result but the actual doing of the work? I don't believe you!

2. I lose track of time. Hello Facebook! Or any game for that matter. I kind of swore off all online or computer games for a while because I wasted so much time on them. Mahjong is a favorite of mine. I recently downloaded a free Mahjong game app on my phone and played it all the way home from visiting my parents. Yeah, five+ hours. I also started a couple of other games that I used to like to play (Words With Friends aka Scrabble) but I'm only playing with one or two people. I'm also playing What's the Phrase? which is Wheel of Fortune... Yeah, I can waste a lot of time on that---Where did the time go?

3. I can't prioritize. Yeah, I think blogging or reading other blogs are more important than planning dinner or ...dusting! At least when I'm doing it I do. Then my family starts asking, "What's for dinner?" and I get annoyed. YOYO (You're On Your Own) is my favorite dinner to "make." [sigh] but it is not my family's favorite!

4. I am actually pretty busy. Nobody knows the amount of garbage I have swimming around in my brain that I'm actually petrified of forgetting. Making doctor appointments or calling someone about something for my kids or Superman, or even DUSTING that thing that really REALLY needs dusting because even I am disgusted. I forget because there is just too much and even when I write it all down I forget things. Don't get me started on the grocery list. OY! So many times I have forgotten something important. Ugh!

5. I have a few health issues. I'd rather not complain my head off about this but I do suffer from chronic pain and other ailments related to my (supposed) Fibromyalgia and hyperparathyroidism and this stops me from doing certain things... like Dusting, and other things (vacuuming actually causes me pain, but no, dusting does not--lol). The fear of causing myself some pain actually gives me pause when I go to do things and that is also part of the reason I appear Lazy.

Bottom line, I don't believe in my head that I am a Lazy person, but I have been called it often enough that I have issues with the word and with the judgement that goes with it.
Don't Judge Me. You have no idea what's really going on and you probably don't want to know.
Just Don't Judge Me ...and be very careful when you think someone else is "lazy." You are probably wrong about that.
Just saying.

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