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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Beauty Advocate

I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics on and off since I was in my early 20s. Since I’m “nearing” fifty, you do the math… Mary Kay is celebratingtheir 50th year this year and Wow! That’s so cool to me! Granted other cosmetic companies have been around as long, but the MK business modeland opportunity are unique. They have been praised for decades on their ability to empower women and reward hard work.

I no longer sell Mary Kay. I love makeup and I love the MK business plan but it’s not my style. I miss the camaraderie among the ladies that I have worked with in the past. I miss the products, and I miss educating women on how to look and feel beautiful.

I truly believe that beauty is relative. We have ideals that the media puts out that we buy into and try to emulate. I don’t believe that is true beauty. There is something to symmetry in beauty (more about that another time) but I think any woman can be more beautiful with a little care.

A little care.

I think, or at least it appears to me, that some women don’t care. I might be wrong but that’s what I see. I don’t think every woman needs makeup but I do believe it enhances features and can make us feel better. My favorite YouTube beauty advisor (Emily Eddington) recently posted on her blog that Beauty is medicine, and I think that's profound. 

I am constantly learning about makeup. I recently posted about Emily Eddington, a YouTuber that I love, and what she teaches. I have watched other YouTubers and it amazes me what I have never known (and how do they learn these techniques?) about makeup application.

I have no desire to create a YouTube channel and do tutorials, I do however miss the one-on-one teaching we did in Mary Kay. Because I no longer sell Mary Kay I cannot use the title “Beauty Consultant," and I don't know that I have the time or energy to hold "classes" but I am a Beauty Advocate. I like the idea of talking to women about beauty. What it means to them and how to make them feel beautiful. That is really my goal.

I am hoping to dedicate my Tuesday Beauty posts about how to create beauty, or believe in beauty. I do a lot of reading and research and if I can help someone feel better about themselves I am happy to do so! I plan to include links, tips and ideas for anyone (okay, yes, mostly women) to apply to make them feel beautiful. I don't believe in ugly.

Beauty to me is an inside out process. You strive to be beautiful on the inside first, then we can paint the outside. Inner flaws are less noticeable to the public but sometimes we ourselves are so distracted by our perceived “lack” of beauty that we don’t smile often enough, we don’t do or say the nice things that pop into our heads because our self-confidence is lacking.

Makeup is just a tool to help women feel good about themselves (aka; medicine) and believe in their own personal beauty. True beauty is in our actions and our souls. 

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