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Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Monday

Generally speaking, I like Mondays. Lately though they've just been stressful and I don't like them very much.

Last week was pretty hectic with Snap getting appendicitis and having to spend two days in the hospital. Yeah, unplanned fun! Just to let you know, those fun little chair thingies that they fold out for the parent to sleep on --because most parents will stay with their kid, apparently-- are not made for two adults. Nope. Tried it, didn't like it.

Not made for two adults!
Also, started a new med (I mentioned this in my last post) and I'm waiting for it to kick in... Still waiting... Yep, still waiting. I realize that one week is not long enough but Wow! I need something to get me going because I feel like a lump.

I started my last class (which is a retake, by-the-way) and I'm already behind... ::sigh:: I just need some more energy. I can say that today I did not need a nap. This is the first day in almost a week that I didn't, so that's good news!

The other really exciting thing we did this week was get a puppy. No, I am not looking forward to sleep deprivation or cleaning up messes off the floor or any of the other nonsense that goes with pup training. I have a lot of help, however, which is wonderful. Especially from Superman, which is an unlikely source for pet care in the last decade or so.

Our little Chocolate E-Claire!
We've named our newest member Ellie-Mae Claire and she's a Chocolate Lab. One of her nick-names is Chocolate E-Claire (yeah, Superman's idea...) We like her and so far she's proving to be pretty bright. We expect her to be rather large and that could be interesting as we are planning on her being a mostly inside dog.

I am very much looking forward to school being out soon. Snap and Pop have until the 19th, which is not soon enough for me. Snap is now way behind as he's been out for the last week. Crackle has been out of school since the end of May. That is also kind of a stress for me as well; As you might imagine. We have, however, started receiving some Behavioral Support, and that has been tremendous. If only they could stay for like six hours a day... Just kidding... kind of.

I've also had some interesting news regarding my health. It turns out I have the same thing my mother has --hyperparathyroidism. The worst symptom, apparently, is bone loss leading to osteoporosis, so I will be having a bone-density test soon. Still unsure what the next course of action will be but that certainly adds to the excitement of my life.

Overall, I'm happy. I hope I don't sound too much like I'm whining. I was more stressed out earlier but I was able to get an extension on the homework I'm (already) behind on and that relieved a lot of stress for me. I have a lot of reading to do and this week's assignments seem less stressful than last weeks so that's good.

A few good things:

  • Got dinner out early and it's ready to cook, if only it could cook itself! Haha!
  • Pop is doing great in school and we are excited for fifth grade promotion!
  • Somehow I am getting caught up on laundry... not sure how that happened but Woohoo!
  • I am re-reading a Georgette Heyer (The Grand Sophy) and loving it! I have a whole bunch of book reviews I want/need to write! Thanks to some "donations" from my aunt I have a whole bunch of new books!
  • Superman has been extremely patient with me while I figure out this whole medication and illness nonsense. It's nice. 

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