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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flower Beauty

I am a huge Drew Barrymore fan. I have been since E.T. through Never Been Kissed & Ever After and every Adam Sandler collaboration ever; Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and they are currently making a movie called "Blended."

Today is Beauty Tuesday. In my role as Beauty Advocate I am telling you about some new products that are available. In addition to her busy celebrity life, Drew started a new makeup company that came out recently (sold in Walmart) called Flower Beauty.

All the reviews I've seen have been good although I haven't tried any of it yet. Today I came across some tutorials Drew herself is making with beauty tips using Flower Beauty products that come out every Tuesday.

How cool is that?

My favorites are the bronzer tutorial (watch and learn about the "magic 3") and the eyeliner. She discusses the merits of brown over black eyeliner and I happen to agree with her.

Excited to add some Flower Beauty products to my shopping cart the next time I am out!
Thanks Drew!

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