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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

See Beautiful

I've talked about eyebrows and eyelashes, eyes are a big deal. Probably because like my shoes, I can make my eyes pretty when I'm heavy or when I'm skinny. I was told once that I have "bedroom eyes" and while I don't really know what that means, it sounds sexy. 

One thing I have always disliked about myself is that I'm nearsighted. Terribly nearsighted. My eyesight is so bad they rejected me for radial keratotomy. I have not checked to see if I could have laser eye treatment but that might work for me... if I was brave enough. Without glasses or contacts I cannot see past my nose. 

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in 2nd grade. They were gold wire frames and they made me look smart... I guess. After that I got some trendy octogonal frames in browns and another pair in blues. Oh yeah, trendy, baby! In 7th grade I "broke" my glasses and talked my parents into getting me contact lenses. Soft lenses were all the rage (they were new) and that's what I got. I wore those until I was a junior in high school when suddenly the contacts started bothering my eyes. I looked stoned all the time, but it was my contacts... honest!

My senior year of high school I had to go back to glasses. I got a pair that were tinted bluish on top and pinkish on bottom so they "blended" with my makeup. It was interesting. Finally at the end of my senior year I had had enough and I acclimated myself to the semi-soft contacts they said my eyes could handle. A few years later we discovered they weren't semi-soft but actually hard lenses. 

Over the years I have gone back and forth between glasses and contacts. I hate glasses. Hate them! I think I look terrible. Probably partly because they make my eyes look weird. Maybe because my family told me I was "prettier" without them. I don't know but I hate them.

A few years ago I finally got the kind of contacts you sleep in and I love Love LOVE them! It's like I can see like a normal person! It's awesome! Unfortunately though I now have "old" eyes so while my nearsighted-ness is improving (really?) I now have to wear "reading glasses" OVER my contacts. So lame.

Some people look good in them, but I hate them, still, if I want to see I have to wear them.
So it is.

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