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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Write Right Away!

My writing goals for the coming year are pretty much the same they have been since my birthday or when I started this daily blogging project. 

1. Blog daily
2. Work writing 2,500 words per week
3. Fiction writing 10,000 words per week
4. Miscellaneous writing (other work writing) 
5. Journaling

I like doing things in fives so it makes sense that my writing goals should be in a set of five. I don't know that Journaling is last on my list in terms of priority because it's important to me on many levels. One because I am a record-keeper. I like to do it, it's kind of my "thing." One of these years my goal is going to be scrapbookking my family's history; my brothers and parents and whoever else I can include in that process.

Blogging daily is now a given. Even if sometimes I have to do some catch-up. Even if sometimes I have to do  a short post with only a few sentences strung together to create just a couple of paragraphs. I have to do it. It's a commitment to myself and if I can't keep that then I'm lost. 

My work writing is what will fund some of the material and support I need to do all the other writing and free up some of my time from other things that create stress in my life. You know; Laundry, housecleaning...that kind of thing... What a dream, huh? Plus, I agreed to do it and it's not happening and needs to happen. Same with the miscellaneous "work" writing.

So it all points to my fiction writing. My dream. My goal. My if-money-were-no-object-and-I-had-all-the-time-in-the-world thing. I found my writing goals for the year and I have to revamp them. I'm still working on that because The Brother and I are still working on our Fantasy Trilogy. We want to start revising (middle of January) and get started on Books 2 & 3 but I also want to spend some time on my own stories; particularly The Ranch Hand & Lucky Penny. Those are the two on my brain and my fingers are itching to get to them! 

The most important thing about all of this is that I want to create a habit of fiction writing. Butt in chair. 2,000 words a day, minimum. 10K per week. 40K a month. Maybe more if I can. I might have to start shutting myself up in a closet. Been considering that for a while now. No. Really. My closet. It'll work. 

Writing. It's what I want to do.

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