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Friday, December 28, 2012

Food as Medicine (or Drug!)

I was doing a little prep work for my New Year's goals toward better health and fitness and came across a list of the 10 Worst Foods you can eat. Really it was a (Too. Long.) sales pitch for a service that I don't need. There wasn't anything they said that I didn't already know. So what does that mean? It means that I know the right way to eat (and don't) I know that it's more about nutrition than it is about exercising (although exercise is GREAT for overall health and well-being). Yeah, it kind of made me feel smart.

Since I missed what some of the Ten Worst were I thought I would encapsulate it to a Top 5 and give a list of the Top 5 things you should most definitely NOT be putting in your mouths or bodies... 

Like, ever.

1. Simple sugars.

The website said fruit juices, but I think it depends on the juice. Obviously if you are making your own with a juicer that's not bad but most juices in the grocery store are horrible. They have been over-processed and have added sugars that are terrible for your body. Soda was another thing. Full-sugar sodas are terrible for you. Even diet sodas have some issues, but mostly it's the sugars.

2. Margarine.

This is not news to me. I would rather use butter anyway and now they are saying (no surprise to me) that margarine is actually higher in trans fats then butter. Smart Balance is a good substitute if you just can't bring yourself to eat butter but truthfully, butter won't hurt you!

3. Low Fat

This is the biggest lie our food industry is feeding us --literally. Most low fat or fat free foods are substituting sugars for the fat. This is much Much worse! I have a distaste for most things low or non-fat but now it's coming out that these so-called "healthier" choices are really worse for you than their higher fat counterparts. Just eat less, they say. Well, try anyway. The truth is what they are substituting in place of the fat they are removing is so much WORSE for you!

4. Microwave popcorn.

Huh? Really? This was news to me but apparently the crap they put in those bags is so bad for you that there is actually a disease that has occurred because of it. From, ""popcorn lung"—a.k.a. bronchiolitis obliterans—a severe respiratory disease." Yep. It's that bad for you. Pop it yourself. In butter.

5. Almost all carbs, including "whole wheat bread"

Well, if you don't know by now that "whole wheat" bread is really made from the non-nutritious part of the wheat that's left after they've processed it to death. Basically it's not the wheat (or the sugar, or the fat) that will necessarily kill you but the processed stuff that does it.

Processed foods can be linked to Cancers, diseases, obesity, etc. etc. etc.

Not a shocker if you're a student of dieting like I am.

Which one will you add to your New Year's Resolutions to eliminate?

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