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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


No, not the musical. The stuff on my head, and arms, and legs and nether-unmentionable-regions. 

Today I finally went to get my hair cut. It's been a while. I actually don't remember the last time. I think it was May but it might have been June before Princess's graduation. I don't remember. Anyway, I have lots of color re-growth, but too bad, so sad, I can't get it colored yet. Even getting it cut is a stretch with Christmas mere days away. I have been cutting my own bangs which is a big No-No for me but I did it anyway because they were making me crazy. I decided it's better to go to Supercuts and get a "real" cut rather than do that again so I did.

Our usual lady at Supercuts is also the manager and difficult to get in to see. And if you didn'tknow this, Supercuts now actually charges you if you want to put your name in or "make an appointment." WTF? So I decided to go to this other lady that we like (we=me & Princess). Except, when I got there, it wasn't her. Ack!

I decided to get it cut anyway because I could not stand it. The color is still crazy (reverse skunk?) but the cut is fine (can't even tell--my favorite kind of cut!) even though I was confused. Oh, I got the name of the girl right, but it was the wrong girl.


So tomorrow they are having a 12-12-12 special, $12 off hair color. So... Maybe I'll be back. Although I am even more picky about color than I am cut... okay, maybe not.

I am very weird about cut. We'll see how this goes and how quickly I have to go back.


  1. I used to cut my own hair, better than the pros could do it. (I have the strangest colics all over the place!) However, as my condition has worsened, I can't even cut my bangs anymore without ending up with a Hair Tragedy Day! I found a GREAT young woman at the local Fantastic Sam's after moving here almost three years ago, and she always listens to me and gives me exactly what I want. WOO HOO! I still color my hair on my own, though; I just can't afford salon prices for that! Speaking of, it's about time for me to cover some greys again... 10 days till Christmas is a good amount of time, so I was thinking about doing it today before I even saw your post! ;)

  2. I hate coloring at home because even in the shower it's a freaking mess! :P I Hate It! But I am doing low-lights and highlights and I cannot do the highlights so those will have to wait. Even Supercuts can't tackle it or I walk away Orange.

  3. I finally found someone I really like to color and cut my hair. Knock wood.

  4. I did too but I can't afford her anymore. :(
    The girl I went to yesterday did a fine job (surprised me)!


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