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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Love Football

I am not athletic. I can't see good. I can't hear good. My balance is shot. I throw like a girl and I can't catch. I have two left feet and hands that always get in the way. I'm afraid of the ball. ::sigh:: It's been a bit of a problem all my life and it was one of those things I hated about school. You know, last to be picked and my team booing or just being bummed because it was my turn at bat.
Yeah. I'm kind of an Indoor Girl 
and I do spectator sports.

Like Football. American Football, to be exact.

1. It all started when they invented that Awesome handheld electronic football game. 
You know what I'm talking about. 

I totally understood the game finally. I understood what a touchdown was and 1st through 4th down and certain penalties (those throw me cuz there's a gazillion). I totally got the Quarterback's job, and the lineman (although I'm still a little fuzzy).

And I LOVED it!

2. Then I went to college. I blame BYU. I particularly blame BYU's undefeated run in the Fall of 1984 that put them in the #1 spot for College Football. Led by Steve Young, who left (graduated?) the following spring so that when I arrived at BYU in the summer of 1985, he was gone. That fall we started with a new Roster. Instead of Steve Young, we had Robbie Bosco and his Team Player Lakei Heimuli. Those were the days.

I watched every single BYU game that year. We did not do as well but I learned to be a fan. I Loved BYU football!

3. When I got married, Superman was a HUGE Steelers fan. He grew up in Pittsburgh (4th grade to graduation), so we were Steelers fans. 

I was good with that. 

The Raiders had abandoned L.A. and were in Oakland (again). 
The Rams were gone to St. Louis. 
So I didn't care.
I admit I was a Cowboy's fan (still kind of am--in the closet though--SHHHH!).
The cheerleaders. Dallas, Emmit Smith, the Toby Keith song...

4. The uniforms. From the helmets to the short pants. I just like them. It doesn't always have to make sense, does it? I want my boys to play and was very disappointed when Snap declined this year. He is thinking of playing Soccer but it's just not the same. Our local teams uniforms are purple. 

5. The movies. I mean really, sport movies are The Best! for messages and motivation and inspiration And even, maybe surprisingly, most emotional! ::sigh:: I love football movies. 

The Blind Side
Facing the Giants
Remember the Titans
Jerry Maguire
We Are Marshall
Necessary Roughness
The Longest Yard
The Waterboy
Heaven Can Wait
The Game Plan
Friday Night Lights
All the Right Moves
Brian's Song
The Replacements

and so many more I haven't seen! 
I realize that other sports have some good movies too 
(i.e. baseball & basketball in particular but that's another post!)

What's your favorite sport to watch or play?

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  1. We had that game. But I understood football early on. I watched the Rams. I rooted for them to win but felt a little betrayed when they packed up and left. That event kind of killed it for me.

    Now I'm not much of a football fan unless someone I love happens to be playing. I prefer high school ball over college or the pros. My son's high school team was undefeated.

    I record the Super bowl so I can see the innovation of the commercials and if I like the entertainer the halftime show. However as I speed through the action I sometimes catch a great play or an interesting fumble. I have decided that is the nest way to watch the game!


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